The Parent/School Experience

The Parent/School Experience

We have an exciting year ahead of us.  Great stuff is happening and we want you to know all about it.  One of the big changes is a greater access to the leaders in your child’s life.  This year we have three Vice Principals, Walter Weber for Upper School, Jerson Malaguit for Lower and Middle School, and Brenda Rodie for general Administration.  Between them, they serve myriad roles and are at the forefront of what is happening on campus.

We also have all our great teachers getting their classrooms ready as we speak for your child to arrive on their first day of school.  They always make it a special experience.  Between the stress of starting school and running your busy day to day life it’s easy to forget that your child’s experience at school depends on everyone being on the same page.

So we have some hints about how to keep open lines of communication throughout the year.

1. Email

Touch base periodically with your child’s teachers.  They know your child and want the best for them.  However, if you need to contact someone in administration, reach out to a Vice Principal and they will make sure and get answers for you.  They are a helpful resource and a great step toward two-way communication.

2. Be open 

After meeting your teachers and the administration, be open to going beyond hellos.  They want to get to know you, so reach out.  Go to school events, get to know the other parents in your child’s class, the staff will be at these functions and it will make it easier to discuss bigger issues in the future.

3. Be Involved

Ask for volunteer opportunities in classrooms, traffic lines, and at school events. Keep up to date on the important calendar events.  Your child knows everyone on campus and they would love for you to get to know their friends and the parents.

4. Remember we all have the same goal

You, as the child’s caregiver, and the teachers are all on the same team.  All of us are working to promote educational, personal, and social growth.  The goal is the same so let’s keep lines of communication open to make sure that happens.

5. Ask for feedback

Send an email every once in a while asking your child’s teacher about their progress, behavior, social life.  It keeps everyone engaged in what’s most important, the child.  This way we can make sure that goals are still on target and everyone is on the same page.

6. Use social media

Social media is where everything happens.  Make sure you’ve subscribed to the newsletter, Facebook, Instagram and all the rest so you don’t miss that important function, picture, or just school life.  It’s all part of being engaged in your child’s education.

7. Be engaged

This is the most important one to your child.  They spend more hours of their day at school than at home, so if you show interest in their teachers, friends, school work, if you are volunteering and going to games, they will thank you for being a part of their lives.  Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop on your child’s life away from home.  Win, win!

For more details on how to get in touch with the right people, contact [email protected].

written by Agape Hammond