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Real World Learning 2017

This year is off to a great start, with classrooms full of enthusiastic learners, teachers fresh and full of ideas, and of course, Real World Learning.

Real World Learning (RWL) is an integral part of the Mile High Academy whole child learning experience.  Every student that leaves MHA will be prepared with the skills to answer life’s big questions, think in ways that matter to the world around them, and work well with others.  All of our teachers use RWL in their classrooms in different and academically critical ways.

Here are just some examples of the projects going on this year in the teachers’ own words.  Make sure and ask your student in what RWL project they are currently participating.


RWL – Mile High Academy Teachers

Teacher: Kyle Berg

Project: “Podcasting: For Those with Ears to hear”

Students will be answering the driving question: “What are you passionate about and want the world to hear?” Students will be in pairs or groups and will create at least three podcasts on the answer to the driving question. Students will record with the goal to inform and persuade an audience into action. Students will take on specific roles that can be changed and switched between podcast episodes (producer, editor, host, and co-host). Some students may take on more than one role depending on the size and skill of the group. Students should be able to do effective journalistic work (research, fact check, create, and produce) in order to publish at least three podcast episodes centered around the driving question.

Teacher: Rebecca Berg

Project: “Be Entrepreneurial”

This class introduces students to the essential elements of a practical business plan and then challenges them to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

Students will learn about advertising, competitive advantages, financing, marketing, and product development. They will also learn how to use their business to benefit and improve the community and world around them

Teacher: Christina Hernandez

Project: SUDS

In this project students will explore different methods of making soap, with different recipes using a design process.  They will be using chemical processes to create amazing soap that can lather, clean, look, and smell better than store bought brands.  Students will also create packaging and research marketing strategies to sell their product that can compete with the main stream market.

Teacher: Mrs. Venteicher

Project: LEAD – Leadership Exploration and Development

Students will learn what it means to be a leader through various leadership activities, interviewing current leaders in our community, and looking at leaders from the past and present. Students will learn the Biblical principles for what it means to be a servant leader. Students will take everything that they are learning about themselves as leaders and about what it means to be a leader and apply it into action with designing and putting on a leadership workshop at the end of the Trimester for a group of their peers outside of the Mile High Community.  In this workshop they will be teaching others what they have learned and what it means to be a servant leader.

Teacher: Brian Howard

Project: Shed Build

Students will learn to design, plan and construct the shed according to Highlands Ranch Municipal Codes.

Teacher: Danielle Cress

Project: Meet Needs To Educate

How can we help meet the needs of kids in another country so that they can focus on learning and growing? We are going to be making water filtration systems so that Fiji can obtain clean water in the areas that are still disturbed by last year’s cyclone. We will also be making books that we will be sending to the mobile kindergartens that will be taken to remote villages to help students learn.

Teacher:  Heidi Chaij

Project: “Bread of Life”

We will investigate the world’s hunger problem and discover how bread has been used throughout history to feed people. We will also learn about balanced nutrition, so we can make better choices. We will be making breads to sell, where the proceeds will go to fight hunger.

Teacher: Jerson Malaguit

Project: Repurpose with Purpose

Investigating worldwide plastic pollution and the ways in which we can mitigate plastic consumption, grow recycling programs, and create new ocean cleaning solutions.




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