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Volunteer Highlight – Jeanice Jones-Mautz

We will be profiling our parent volunteers this year and we hope you will join us on this page. We have so many gifted community members and we know it. We love that each person contributes to making Mile High Academy a campus of growth and learning. You make us better!

Today, we talked with Jeanice Jones-Mautz, mother of second grader, Esti. Jeanice volunteers once a week, every week, in her daughter’s classroom.

Whether working on math or art, Jeanice makes time to be a part of Esti’s learning experience. In the process, she says, she gets to know all the students in the classroom, learns each of their personalities, likes and dislikes. She’s also gotten to know the teacher. She is truly involved in her daughter’s life.

As Esti grows, Jeanice, says, she wants her to feel that connection all along the way. She wants her to know that she cared every step of the way. Even when it means getting her hands dirty on a gluing project like today’s craft. Tomorrow, it might be a difficult math equation, and someday, it will be the big things of middle and upper school.

Also, Jeanice has a new found respect for the teachers and all the work they do, “these teachers go above and beyond every day for our kids.”

Thank you, Jeanice, for volunteering!

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