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Volunteer Highlight – Mr. Gale Page

I came into the office to pick up some work over the Thanksgiving holiday and was surprised to see a grandparent doing some woodworking in front of the preschool. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since most days you can find a parent, grandparent, or alum doing something interesting to help around the school.

Being curious (otherwise known as nosy), I asked what he was up to. He explained that the preschool needed some more cubbies. Just like that, matter of factly. Preschool needs cubbies, a grandparent provides.

I love Mile High Academy’s volunteer culture. A need arises and there is someone to fill the gap. In this case, the grandparent in question was Mr. Gale Page. And he probably wouldn’t care to be recognized for it but I think that because we have such a strong volunteer culture we should also have a strong culture of appreciation.

I asked our two preschool teachers how they felt about their new cubbies. Lead teacher Mrs. Lucy Werner exlaimed, “It’s awesome to see Preschool so organized.” And Mrs. Morales thought that it was great how much work Mr. Page did for the children.

So, yes, there is a lot of appreciation for our volunteers around here. They do a lot for our children and our community. Thank you, Mr. Page, for your hard work.

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