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“Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow”

It is bittersweet when we have to say goodbye to someone we’ve loved having on our campus, who has served, shared, and will be missed by so many. However, we also know that God is working in ways that are bigger than us. So we share this with you know thing that.

The last four years we have had such joy, excitement, and learning coming from our 3rd-grade classroom.  Mrs. Cress has brought such great leadership to Mile High Academy.  We will miss the whole family but we wish them well and will pray for them as they make their transition into the next chapter of their lives. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you will do! MHA Administration

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Refu-Jesus Updates

April 5

This week for Refu-Jesus class, we bought almost 2000 diapers and baby wipes at Target for the refugees here in Denver . We have asked two refugee centers what they are most in need of and they both said emphatically, DIAPERS! It was such an incredible divine appointment at Target because that day there was this awesome deal going that just happened to be on diapers, (the exact thing we were there for, praise God!) that gave us $10 back in gift cards for every $50 we spent on diapers. The even more amazing and miraculous thing was how we got the money. We had $380 to spend at Target that came COMPLETELY from the students in my class! The students donated their own hard earned money to help support the refugees in any way they could. These children are truly leading the way.

March 29

We sorted almost an entire room of donated clothes, and helped to organize the clothes pantry so that all the clothes could be hung up for the refugees to see them better and “shop” through the racks like a real store. Today, the head of the Mango House pantry (Corrie) paid my students and I such a high compliment. We were running around the Mango House trying to get the kids going on the next project and she stopped right her tracks and said, “It Just blows my mind and rocks my world that your group shows up every single week to help us out.” She went on to say, “I have never in all my years working here, had a group come consistently every week; every group comes once to help and then we never see them again.” I told her that my students are here to serve and make a lasting impact on the refugee community here in Denver. She said that she would take my students and I every day of the week if she could. Finally, Corrie honored us by saying that if she is ever out of town, she would trust my group to run the pantry on our own! I am so proud of my students for the great impression that they have made, and that Corrie would have the confidence in us to run this place in her absence.

Painting project at the Mango House for my real-world-learning class (Refu-Jesus). This is a room where the teenage refugees come to hang out and have quiet time after school. After we painted this room we got to pray over it and dedicate it to God so that he would use it to provide a small place of refuge for the teenage refugees here in Denver.

For the past two months for my real-world-learning class (refu-Jesus), we have been serving refugees at the Mango House in Denver. We have sorted clothes and food in the pantry, cleaned, swept, mopped, vacuumed, painted, organized books, cleaned windows, washed dishes and everything in between, to help keep this place running smoothly. We have had students bring in soap that they actually made in another RWL class, and when they went in to the pantry to put it away, refugees walked in at that very moment and were in real need of soap. My students got to hand their soap, in beautiful gift wrapped bags, to the refugees and say, “I made this especially for you!” These students are truly getting out into the world to serve “the least of these.”

by Mr. Russell Palmer

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