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Shinu Lee Wins Photography Contest

At Mile High Academy we offer many classes that students have to take in order to graduate. However, we also offer a lot of classes that resonate with students interests and become more than just homework. We love to see that. The last couple years, Mr. Kyle Berg has seen this in one of his students, Shinu Lee, who has taken many of his Humanities classes, getting to know him along the way.

As yearbook editor this year, Shinu has used his gift of photography to take pictures on our campus, many of which will be included in yearbook this year. When we see that kind of passion in a student, well, it’s hard not to keep encouraging it. As his advisor, Mr. Berg has really seen Shinu thrive creatively.

So, it wasn’t too surprising but definitely exciting when one of Shinu’s photographs one 1st place in the Jostens’ 2018 photo contest for Landscape Photography. “This is a national contest and a pretty big deal! When you see him, congratulate him. He poured himself into the senior pages of our yearbook and truly has a creative gift!” said Mr. Berg excitedly about Shinu and his big win.

The choices our students make along the way can lead to finding passions. That’s what having Real World Learning, electives in all areas of learning, and passionate teachers means on the MHA campus.

Have you met Shinu Lee? Make sure you do before he leaves us as he’ll be graduating in May.


Photograph on page 17.

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