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8th Grade Move Up Day

Wednesday, January 8, our upper school students hosted the eighth graders. This is an annual tradition called “8th Grade Move-up Day”. It’s a chance for our own eighth graders to experience a day in the life of being an upper school student. Eighth graders get to spend time with the teachers they will have next year, sit in the classrooms that will become second homes, and most of all collaborate with the 9th and 10th grade students that at one time were their middle school peers.

Students participated in games and hands-on activities, as they rotated through classes that showed off all that they will be doing next year. Of course, it’s not all fun and games in high school. Broken into teams of eighth graders and upper schoolers, teams had to beat intense challenges, as well.

A day wouldn’t feel complete without chapel, which was hosted by Kiefer and Jessyka Dooley, and of course donuts.

Mentorship is a big part of what we do at Mile High Academy. When older students share their experiences and collaborate, not only do they pass on their own knowledge but their own learning increases. They become teachers while they learn. It offers them an opportunity to become knowledgeable in subjects that they can pass on to peers. Thanks upper school for sharing your day with our 8th graders!

(chapel pic by Jessyka Dooley)

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