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Welcome, Mr. Christopher Morris – Middle School Math

Please help us in welcoming Mr. Christopher Morris to the Middle School team. He will be teaching middle school Math. His almost twenty years of math experience plus passion for education is an exciting addition to the MHA team. Along with his vast math teaching experience, Mr. Morris also brings with him a background in ministry. Our students will benefit from his ability to mentor our youth through ministry leadership.

We wanted to get his personal take on why education:

MHA: What most excites you about teaching?

Mr. Morris: The most exciting thing about teaching is seeing students experience the “aha” moment.  That moment when the light bulb goes off, and students not only understand a concept more clearly, but they express an appreciation for that concept and its real-life application. 

MHA: What most excites you about starting your teaching at MHA?

Mr. Morris: Overall, I’m just excited about returning to the classroom and connecting with the students.  I’ve served in pastoral ministry for the past 6 years, and have enjoyed doing so.  However, I miss the daily connection with students and being able to demonstrate that mathematics is a powerful tool for improving critical thinking and logical expression.

MHA: Why choose to teach at Mile High Academy?

Mr. Morris: I chose to teach at Mile High Academy because of the vision for the school cast to me by Principal Kase.  I’m looking forward to diving in to the House Groups experience as well as participating in the expansion of the dual credit offerings at MHA.

Thank you, Mr. Morris! Make sure and welcome Mr. Morris and family when you see them.

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