Alumni Stories and #SocialGiving

Alumni Stories and #SocialGiving

When was the last time you thought about your story? What brought you to where you are right now? Why do you do what you do, the work you do, the volunteering, the hobbies, and all the fun stuff? Why do your children go to piano, violin, basketball, robotics, the school they attend?

Recently, I read the story of one of our alumni, James Harris, III. I got to know James, better know as Tre, while he attended MHA. I never saw Tre without a smile on his face or a “hello” as he walked down the halls. He shared his generous spirit with everyone with whom he came in contact. From the youngest preschooler to the highest Admin. That’s just Tre.

It got me thinking of legacies. What is the legacy I want to leave behind, the legacy I want for my children and grandchildren and so on and so forth. Tre is already leaving a legacy at MHA. He is loved and remembered and he has great things yet to do at Union College and beyond. I want to be able to say the same.

So, whether it be with smiles, volunteering, and donations, each of us has legacies we can leave every single day. This month, each dollar we share with Mile High Academy is also matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000 so that means twice the legacy. Let’s not let another day pass without sharing a bit of ourselves and our legacy.

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