Music and Fine Arts

Mission Statement and Philosophy

The Music and Fine Arts Department at Mile High Academy seeks to inspire young people of all ages to be
actively involved in the arts in its varied forms so they can glorify God, minister to people, learn focus and
discipline, be part of a music making community, and grow to become well rounded individuals who appreciate music and the arts, understand its power to serve and are committed to making it a part of their lives as adults and parents themselves.

Summary of Program
At Mile High Academy every student has a tremendous opportunity to grow their musical and artistic God given abilities, to discover new abilities and to learn new skills. From the youngest ages to the High School student who is ready for college, we are committed to providing quality musical and artistic education. This includes, among others, an array of ensembles and group lessons including Suzuki strings, Concert Band/Orchestra, Choirs, Hand Bell Choir and Theory and Appreciation classes. The school also fosters and hosts many private lessons and encourages all students to take advantage of one on one instruction. Many of the groups participate in many church services in the area. Some have tours and specialized trips and requirements. Please see the office and the Music Director for specific dates of all performance and concerts.

Music Ed Program
Every student from Kindergarten through 6th grade participates in Music classes that include Hand Bell choir, rhythm and theory instruction, singing and many other fun and educational activities.

Suzuki Strings
Violin, viola and cello instruction is provided in a group setting for all students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. After 5th grade each student will have the option of continuing with their string instrument of choice in the Band/Orchestra or learning a wind instrument. Teachers and parents are welcome to participate of the group lessons.  Visit our Suzuki String page to learn more about how our program benefits learning in all areas.


Michelle Morrison, Music Instructor

[email protected]


Concert Band Audition Music:

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