For over 100 years, Mile High Academy has been a trusted name in Christian education.  The lower school is a safe and nurturing learning environment where children from kindergarten to 5th grade experience age-appropriate opportunities to explore, learn and serve.

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Your lower school student will be in a classroom where widely accepted childhood development and brain-based learning research as well as the latest teaching methods are used to foster the cognitive and social development of each child.  Our highly trained teachers prepare children for success.

Families work together with teachers and administration to ensure that children feel known and appreciated for their individual gifts and personalities.

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Second Grade and Kindergarten share Creation Story

Second Grade gains confidence for success

Third Grade Collaboration

Second grade has been learning about authors and illustrators in class recently.  And, believing that imitation is the highest form of flattery, have studied Eric Carle’s work in order to create their very own illustrations in his style.  This week long process of crafting the medium, story and then putting all together has resulted in some colorful and creative art.

Now the students know more about the author Eric Carle, his body of work and all the different ways they themselves can write and illustrate their own stories.  We love all the different ways students learn through personal creation.

Mr. Hetterle once again gave of his time and energy to help third grade build wooden benches.  But it’s more than benches they learn to build, it is character building they are truly learning in this once a year class Mrs. Sandy Hawkins incorporates into her curriculum.  What a blessing to have passionate teachers who know that teaching is more than just worksheets and tests, it is hands-on hammer to wood and seeing a project completed with your own two hands.

Thank you, Mr. Hetterle and Mrs. Hawkins for making this project something the students look forward to each year.

From rehearsal to first graders, our Kindergartners have been preparing for two weeks to wear their cap and gown proudly.  Parents, friends, teachers and family members watched as all the Kindergartners marched, sang, smiled wide and sometimes went off script.  Cameras flashed and recorded as each took their turn receiving diplomas.  We learned together this year and are looking forward to a brand new year as big first graders.  Thank you parents and teachers for inspiring children to learn and grow.

Third grade is learning outside the book.  Through building blocks they are able to work collaboratively, learn communication skills, math, language, all through play.  In groups and with large bins of blocks, the students design and master skills that will help them in other areas of their school day.  Not to mention, it’s fun!

Field trips are a great way for students to explore their world in a more tangible way.  By interacting with others, seeing the outside world, learning new and exciting subjects, students broaden their ability to learn in diverse situations.

Fifth grade is participating in the Southwest Airlines “Adopt a Pilot” program.  The goal is create future leaders by creating unique learning opportunities, committing resources and time to inspire students for future success.

The program was first introduced in 1997 as a way to provide extra education through aviation-themes activities.  Students experience science, geography, math, writing and other core subjects through their interaction with actual Southwest Airlines pilots.

Students in more than 1,500 classrooms across the country are able to “adopt” Southwest Airlines Pilots in a significant mentorship opportunity geared towards 5th grade students.  Southwest Airlines is pleased to offer these opportunities at no cost to the participating schools.

The Mile High Academy fifth graders got a visit from their own “adopted” pilot last week.  What a blessing to have Captain Tripp Simpson take time to visit us from Monument, CO and teach these special skills in person.  Make sure and scroll through all the fun pictures above.

First Grade is Learning about Weather

First grade has been learning all about weather.  This is some of the fun they’ve been having.

Second Grade Math Partners

Second grade takes their math seriously.  Through collaboration, these second graders are helping each other learn.  Through peer feedback and hands on projects, they will master concepts.

2nd Grade Proverbs 31 Challenge

Good morning friends,
I have challenged my 2nd graders to join me in reading one chapter of Proverbs everyday this month since there are 31 days in March and 31 chapters in Proverbs. I thought I’d share my calendar with you if you would like to encourage others to it or do it yourself.
Mrs. Current
Mile High Academy