For over 100 years, Mile High Academy has been a trusted name in Christian education.  The preschool is a safe and nurturing learning environment where children three to five years of age experience age-appropriate opportunities to explore, learn and serve.

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Your preschooler will be in a classroom where widely accepted childhood development and brain-based learning research as well as the latest teaching methods and are used to foster the cognitive and social development of each child.  Through play-based activities and exciting academic learning, our highly trained teachers prepare children for success.

Families work together with teachers and administration to ensure that children feel known and appreciated for their individual gifts and personalities.

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Preschool has been busy the last couple weeks.  We thought we would share some of the things we’ve been doing.  Hope you have as much fun as we’ve been having!

The MHA Preschool program includes mind, body and soul in a balanced learning environment.  This means we need our students to have fun and learn, too.  Physical education is a great way to incorporate these tenets into our curriculum.

In a collaborative story time that brought second grade and preschool together, Coach Erik Pardo shared a fun story on the fun of being active, the kids ran around the gym playing games together and then finished off with a sweet and healthful treat.  Story times around here are more than just books (though we love those!)

Preschool knows how to celebrate.  Right before Thanksgiving break, preschool held a big potluck family style meal.  The children, along with their parents, enjoyed yummy food, while dressed in their turkey finery.  It was a gathering worthy of the occasion.

Middle School and Upper School teachers, Russell Palmer, hosted an exciting Robotics Story Time for our preschoolers and visitors.  What fun to see our littlest ones get excited about these pre-engineering concepts.  They were ready to build their own working models.  Mr. Palmer knows he has some robotics enthusiasts in the bunch and can’t wait until they reach his class.

Project Based Learning (or Real World Learning), looks different in the different schools.  Starting in Preschool and all the way through 12th grade students are taught ways in which they can apply their core knowledge classes into every day life and real projects.  In Preschool, this looks like growing microgreens they will be able to eat.  An expert came in and discussed the project, helped them initiate it and then the preschoolers will maintain their gardens to see results.

Mile High Academy’s motto is Learn, Explore and Serve.  There are all sorts of ways students find to serve throughout the year, but Christmas is especially fun with all the giving opportunities available.  Preschool chose Christmas Shoeboxes as their services.  Parents prepped the boxes, gathered the donated items and then the children filled the boxes.  Smiles all around!

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