As students move into the Upper School, our commitment to learning and growing is evident.  From the beautiful commons area, where students can be seen studying, discussing real-world issues and growing their independence, to the music room, classrooms, study rooms, each student is dedicated to their own learning experience.

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Community service, art, athletics, music and challenging academics are essential elements of the Mile High Academy experience. Students take on leadership roles and explore their world through missions, class travel and community involvement.  Our faculty encourages critical thinking skills in the daily classroom process.  At Mile High Academy, students enjoy learning and become the lifelong learners that will make a difference in our world.School years, students develop leadership skills that will help them as they continue into Upper School.

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Sample Core Classes:

Physical Education



Algebra I

Algebra II




Social Studies

College & Career

Sample Electives:





Worship Leading


Spanish II

Fitness For Life

Biking & Hiking


AP & Dual Credit Classes:

AP Language & Composition

AP Calculus

AP Statistics

AP Environmental Science

AP US Government & Politics

College Algebra

English 101

English 102

General Psychology

Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Sociology

Students blessed staff and visitors at Littleton Adventist Hospital with Christmas music from Middle and Upper School music groups.

Don’t know what a Junk Scramble is?  Well, imagine 70 students divided into four teams, each in their own color, head to toe.  Then, they are all trying to find a particular item at the same time, while intermittently doing challenges, and running to be first.

The chaos, noise, excitement, anxiety, it’s all palpable.  And then, from the stands, you have families cheering it all on dressed in like colors as if they were out on the floor.  It’s a combination of adrenaline and laughter that is something to behold.

Students at Mile High Academy learn in lots of different ways.  However, a few things are always true, the teachers are passionate about creating learning environments that meets students where they are, asking questions that make students think big, and provide spaces where collaboration is the key to success.

The 92% solar obscurity brought out the party in everyone.

The annual end of year Knowledge Bowl.  Winner gets bragging rights!

More on the Upper School Music Learning Trip…

So far, the Upper School Music groups have gone to Des Moines, performed at the Des Moines Seventh-day Adventist School.  Then on to Chicago where they’ve enjoyed deep dish pizza and gone to the biggest science museum  in the northern hemisphere, Museum of Science and Industry.  There is still fun to be had and music to be played.

Spanish II Valentine's Skit

Eighth Grade Joins Upper School

9th Grade Poetry Slam