As students move into the Upper School, our commitment to learning and growing is evident.  From the beautiful commons area, where students can be seen studying, discussing real-world issues and growing their independence, to the music room, classrooms, study rooms, each student is dedicated to their own learning experience.

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Community service, art, athletics, music and challenging academics are essential elements of the Mile High Academy experience. Students take on leadership roles and explore their world through missions, class travel and community involvement.  Our faculty encourages critical thinking skills in the daily classroom process.  At Mile High Academy, students enjoy learning and become the lifelong learners that will make a difference in our world.School years, students develop leadership skills that will help them as they continue into Upper School.

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The annual end of year Knowledge Bowl.  Winner gets bragging rights!

More on the Upper School Music Learning Trip…

So far, the Upper School Music groups have gone to Des Moines, performed at the Des Moines Seventh-day Adventist School.  Then on to Chicago where they’ve enjoyed deep dish pizza and gone to the biggest science museum  in the northern hemisphere, Museum of Science and Industry.  There is still fun to be had and music to be played.

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Eighth Grade Joins Upper School

9th Grade Poetry Slam

Written by Becky Watson
The annual Honors Symposium began with the induction of six students into the National Honors Society. The three seniors, Matthew Martinez, Joseph Smittick, and Sarah Watson, received sashes to wear at graduation. Three juniors were also inducted into the National Honors Society: Kaylyn Bernhart, Alexis Flechas, and Dayana Luna.  Lisa Venteicher shared the address for the evening, reminding the students how the qualities which led them to be nominated for the National Honors Society are important for all of us.
The Honors Symposium provided the opportunity for a wide variety of fascinating presentations touching on research and projects from US Government, US History, AP English, World History, Select Choir, Pre-calculus, American Literature, and Honors Biology. As we listened to the stories of inspiring people from history, original compositions, and analyses of governments, we were inspired to stay involved in our world, and do more to for our fellow man. The topics ranged from the Nazi Death Camps, The First Cabinet, to the impact of Walt Disney. As we watched technical, scientific, and dramatic works, we were curious about how much more we can learn in these areas. There was also the incorporation of technology used for digital music and website design.
Examples of Presentations:
The First Cabinet was a dramatic recreation/compilation of the first cabinet meeting, featuring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton. The things they were arguing about, such as big government v the rights of the common man, rang true still today especially during our election. Their costumes really helped to set the mood. It was Reuben Kahler, Ben Watson, and Brendan Weber, and they dedicated their performance to Mr. Weber for helping them grow their love of history.
Joseph Smittick did an app called Acapella to sing all four parts to a song. He explained the whole process and described how many hours it took to get a final product that would work. Then he shared why although there are many new applications to create your own digital recordings, nothing can compare to performing with a live choir, or watching a live choir in person. He hoped digital music wouldn’t replace that.
Derwin Suyatno did an analysis of a poem because he said this is the hardest thing for him to do in English, and he believes in doing the hard things instead of the easy ones. The poem was, “I, Too.” He went through line-by-line to share the deeper meaning for American and racism, among other things.
Jill Dean really touched on some heart strings with her presentation about the Nazi Death Camps. She was touched by her recent visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC with the select choir trip. It led her to want to learn more about it.
Sarah Watson designed a website to create an interactive presentation to explore how power is divided in some major forms of government through history. The website link is
Thanks to Tyler Rettler for putting together all the equipment necessary to display the presentations and for managing the displays.

As the 8th graders travel to DC it reminds us of when Choir was there recently and what a blessing that was.  Mile High Academy has a spirit for spreading Christ everywhere it goes.  And people notice.

Lynn and Gary Albright took the time to go see MHA sing at the Lincoln Memorial.  They were so blessed they sent us a beautiful card thanking us for being there and sharing with us what a blessing they received.  How wonderful to touch lives in such a way that they would feel compelled to let us know it meant so much.  Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Albright for being there with us.

The Mile High Academy mission is “to provide an excellent, Christ-centered environment that empowers young people to excel.”  We do that in the way we teach, learn, serve, and reach others.  Check out pictures of the DC Trip in our Photo Gallery.