MHA Students Enter Laboratory of Life

Wednesday, May 15, the Mile High Academy fifth grade class returned from their science learning trip. They spent three days, two nights at the Keystone Science School. 

Dedicated to hands-on science and adventure, the science school exemplifies the type of learning we value at MHA. 

Fifth grader, Eden, came back full of stories about all the different ways they spent their time in Keystone, “We went on a hike on the second day and it was really fun. We told riddles. We walked for one mile. The kids really loved it.”

The fifth grade divided up into two learning group. Students were asked to journal their ideas at certain points to encourage their engagement in the material. 

Topics ranged from the ecological impact of fires on the environment, the life cycle of a star, and the growth pattern of plants after natural disasters. 

While on the hikes, students learned to identify certain native plants and trees, naming them as they went along. 

Learning trips like this one are part of the experiential learning that takes students out of the walled classroom and into the laboratory of life.

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Exhibition Night 2019

The annual Exhibition Night is about bringing our community together to see some of the Real World Learning projects our students dedicate themselves to doing throughout the year. Exhibition Night is specifically intended for our students to present their projects to a live and authentic audience. 

RWL is dedicated to engaging our students in meaningful projects that demonstrate mastery of learning. On Exhibition Night students present this mastery to their friends and family.
Our students present their work with deep understanding and communicate how projects relate to themselves as well as to their community.

Highlights of the event included Middle School yearbook, where students took you in a journey through the writing process, photography lessons, and s walk down a hallway of their best work. Upper School held an exhibit on “Hero in Your Own Story”, graphic novels written and illustrated by upper school students about fifth graders. In the Lower School, third graders walked guests through “5 Loaves” displays. Here, visitors could see yeast in action, taste bread, and hear the story of Jesus’ miracle feeding of the 5000.

There were many more exhibits but you have to come see for yourself next year!

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Explore The World!

On the 3rd of April, a group of upper school students from Mile High Academy embarked on the trip of a lifetime. Their destination, England and France. This biennial trip is part of the language arts program led by Mrs. Jenni Eno. The goal is to place students in the spaces where literary greats once walked, experience the places that up to now students have only read about. Twenty-three students and several chaperones set off to immerse themselves in history.

Why does MHA value learning trips? Mrs. Eno has been doing this trip for years and knows first hand what it means for students to see where Shakespeare’s plays were performed. Mr. Brian Howard who went on the trip this year as a sponsor sees many benefits to exposing students to travel, “Experiencing different cultures, getting students outside their comfort zones, seeing new and different ways of thinking about the world, these are the opportunities that truly change our students.”

Photos Jenni Eno and Brian Howard

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Alumni Weekend 2019!

Thank you, Alumni!
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Welcome, Mr. Christopher Morris – Middle School Math

Please help us in welcoming Mr. Christopher Morris to the Middle School team. He will be teaching middle school Math. His almost twenty years of math experience plus passion for education is an exciting addition to the MHA team. Along with his vast math teaching experience, Mr. Morris also brings with him a background in ministry. Our students will benefit from his ability to mentor our youth through ministry leadership.

We wanted to get his personal take on why education:

MHA: What most excites you about teaching?

Mr. Morris: The most exciting thing about teaching is seeing students experience the “aha” moment.  That moment when the light bulb goes off, and students not only understand a concept more clearly, but they express an appreciation for that concept and its real-life application. 

MHA: What most excites you about starting your teaching at MHA?

Mr. Morris: Overall, I’m just excited about returning to the classroom and connecting with the students.  I’ve served in pastoral ministry for the past 6 years, and have enjoyed doing so.  However, I miss the daily connection with students and being able to demonstrate that mathematics is a powerful tool for improving critical thinking and logical expression.

MHA: Why choose to teach at Mile High Academy?

Mr. Morris: I chose to teach at Mile High Academy because of the vision for the school cast to me by Principal Kase.  I’m looking forward to diving in to the House Groups experience as well as participating in the expansion of the dual credit offerings at MHA.

Thank you, Mr. Morris! Make sure and welcome Mr. Morris and family when you see them.

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Help Us Welcome…

How is it possible that we are in the final two months of the 2018-2019 school year? Our students have had an amazing year. The growth we’ve seen in each of them is tremendous. We have loved each and every moment, the triumphs and the challenges.

As we look forward to 2019-2020 we have exciting news for our families. If you were at Town Hall you know that Mile High Academy continues to innovate when it comes to preparing your children for their futures.

One thing that always remains the same, our dedication to great education for every student on our campus. With that in mind, we have some exciting additions for next year. Please help us welcome the following teachers.

Joining 5th Grade – Mrs. Taryn Clark

Mrs. Taryn Clark comes to us with ten years of teaching experience. She has taught primarily in the areas of Mathematics. She has experience teaching in lower, middle, and upper schools. Most recently she taught at Campion Academy in 2016, however she has also been guest teaching since then throughout the Denver metro area, including here at Mile High Academy.

We wanted to find out a little bit about Mrs. Clark so we asked her a few questions and this is what she had to say:

MHA: Why do you love teaching?

Mrs. Clark: The most exciting thing about teaching is the kids.  Kids are so much fun to work with and they make every day new and exciting.  The things they say and do keep me entertained and feeling blessed all day long!

MHA: What is most exciting about joining MHA?

Mrs. Clark: I am excited to be on the MHA team.  I admire the staff and I love the culture of the school.  I am excited to be a part of something that is moving and growing in a positive direction.

MHA: Why did you choose to teach at MHA?

Mrs. Clark: I choose to work at MHA because of the Mile High Academy family.  I worked at MHA over 10 years ago and I love the people.  It is a great place to be for myself as a teacher on a great team and I’m excited for my kids to go to a great school. 

Joining Middle School Language Arts & Bible – Mr. Kyle Berg

Mr. Kyle Berg will be joining the Middle School team. He will be teaching Language Arts and Bible classes. His passion for education and our students is evident in all the classes he teaches. We know he will be as great an addition to our Middle School team as he was to our Upper School team.

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Upper School Students Learn in Moab, UT

Upper School students are currently in Moab, UT on their annual Learning Trip. The purpose of Mile High Academy learning trips is to experience education outside the classroom. By observing ecosystems in their natural state, leaving their comfort zone, and exploring new environments, students link their learning in unique ways.

We hope to inspire our upper school students to develop a lifelong passion for travel, adventure, science, and nature. Hopefully, they will promote an understanding of local environmental issues and inspire a lifelong calling to use science to leave a positive impact on the beautiful world God created for us.

Photo by Brian Howard

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MHA Finds Joy in Uganda

Students, faculty, and sponsors returned from Uganda between the 12th of March. Exhausted but beaming, we heard the stories of the miracles performed by 38 missionaries on the lives of the refugee population in Kiryandongo District, Uganda.

More importantly, we are now hearing all that happened in the lives of those that went to Uganda.

If you ask Mr. Russell Palmer, the miracle is that such a few people were able to provide programs for 700+ VBS kids daily, 500+ attended medical clinics, 500+ daily kids participating in sports classes, the completion of a church and a basketball court, and materials for a three-room school are currently in place.

If you ask the students, over and over, they mention how much joy they saw in the children. How, even through the sorrow of losing everything, these children are happy with anything. Every student said the same thing. They saw happiness where they would have expected sadness.

Sixth grader, Andrea, said it best, “They are gratefully for what they have because they lost everything and now they see the value in anything.”

Another sixth grader, Boomer, had this to say, “I saw God there. They have enough. Just enough, but enough.”

The wisdom that our students gained through this mission trip, seeing other children different than themselves, is something that will last a lifetime. They went to bless and they were blessed.

Photo Tim Freccia

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Welcome New Teacher!

Mrs. Gleason comes to us with over ten years of teaching experience. She received her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2007 and has Teaching Certifications through both the North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists and Colorado State Department of Education. She has taught in the Kindergarten through 2nd grade levels for several years.  

Mrs. Gleason comes to us with a passion for Mile High Academy as she has two boys that currently attend MHA. Her passion extends into the classroom having been a Parent Ambassador for the last couple years and a volunteer on our campus. Now she hopes to take her many gifts and talents further.

She wants to create a classroom environment where students can explore and discover learning every day.

We wanted to know more:

MHA: What is the most exciting thing about teaching?

Mrs. Gleason: I love thinking of new and exciting ways to make learning a fun experience. I am excited to start planning all the fun activities that we will be doing throughout the year.

MHA: What are you most excited about when starting teaching at MHA?

Mrs. Gleason: I am excited to be back in the classroom. The energy and excitement that comes from kids who are ready to learn is contagious and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

MHA: Why do you choose to teach at Mile High Academy?

Mrs. Gleason: As a parent of MHA students, I already love the school and the community.  I am excited to become a closer part of the MHA family and contribute to the great place that it is!

We are excited to have Jessica Gleason with us! Please welcome her as a new faculty member the next time you see her.

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