Spring Concert 2017

Thursday, May 18, the Lower School students, Preschool through 5th grade, gathered in the gymnasium for the annual Suzuki Strings Spring Concert.  Led by Mrs. Andrea Coyle, Mile High Academy Suzuki teacher, each class played songs they had worked on this year.  Special solo and duet performances by Daniel Luna and Jack Fesler rounded out the evening.

This year, the concert also included an art show display by our Lower School students.  Mrs. Amy Carveth and a team of parent volunteers put up a great show that included different art forms from throughout the year.

Mile High Academy students have the opportunity to perform in front of friends and family throughout the year through music, sports, art, and academic presentations.  Each of these is a great way for them to display not only their hard work and abilities but great ways to build confidence and self-esteem.  At MHA, we work on the development of the whole child and music is a great way for this to happen.  Thank you, Mrs. Andrea for working with our students.

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All School Exhibition 2017

On Tuesday, May 16, Mile High Academy (MHA) opened its doors to the first annual All School Exhibition. Lower School hosted parents and community visitors in their classrooms, Middle School throughout their lobby and homerooms, and Upper School displayed in their commons area and gymnasium. The school was bustling with families moving in and out of spaces, anxious to see what their students had been working on throughout the year and curious about what other students have been doing this year.

Highlights included Middle School teacher Russell Palmer’s exhibit on the homeless plight in Denver. Through student written poetry, song, and video, the story moved exhibit visitors to tears. Third grade’s exhibit on senior mentorship was just as moving. Teacher, Danielle Cress, had each child take turns explaining their part in the project. Parents stood as students told the story of how they got to know their special senior friends and what they learned from the experience. The biggest exhibit was the “Peter Pan” ship in the gym. Here, students took visitors on a behind the scenes tour of the building and acting of the production of “Peter Pan” that took place last month.

Principal Vunileva walked the halls taking her own live videos of each exhibit. Her excitement was contagious and we had to ask her about it, “I loved seeing all the learning come to life in an impactful way. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great things they will do next year.”

These exhibits, as well as the others throughout the school, demonstrated the depth to which the students delved into their subject matter. It showed a commitment to mastery that only Real World Learning (RWL) can achieve. Eighth grader, Blake Essex, said it best, “By explaining the project I did, I learned more about it.” When a student takes on a whole project they not only learn the academic side but they internalize the material, they become aware of the community impact it can make. It becomes bigger than themselves.

At MHA, our commitment to RWL continues to be that each student develops skills that take them beyond the classroom. The exhibition last night proves that our students are doing just that.

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Senior Walk 2017!

For the second year in a row, the Senior Walk of 2017 went on this morning with cheering and clapping.  What has become a tradition at Mile High Academy is all about sending off our seniors with great aplomb, letting them know that though they are leaving our campus, they are not leaving our hearts.

As they dress in their gowns, don their caps and march with swagger down the halls, students from preschool through juniors high five and cheer their friends on to the next step in their journey.  And we know it’s going to be a great one, because each of our seniors has already made their mark here and is ready to make their mark out in the world.

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Mile High Academy Academic Awards 2017

Friday was the Middle School Academic Awards and today we celebrated our Upper School’s achievements in excellence.  From Highest Overall Grade, Most Improved Athlete, Principal’s Character Award, and so many other great academic standards, each of these students is showing that excellence is earned and we want to recognize that.

Look through our albums and see what greatness looks like.

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3rd Grade Presents at Wind Crest

Mrs. Danielle Cress’ 3rd grade class has been partnering with Wind Crest since this past October in a mentoring program that has brought joy and tears.  Today, the class ended their year-long RWL project by presenting a photo book, wall of pictures, and heartfelt readings from each student.  If there was a dry eye in the room, I didn’t see it.

The idea was to bring together different generations and find out more about each other.  The results are friendships that will last into eternity.  The children looked out expectantly into the crowd of elders to find their mentors and friends.  Though most were there, the few that were missing were deeply felt.  Each child has grown attached to their friends over the six months they visited Wind Crest.

For the presentation, Mrs. Cress had each child write their favorite memory of their friend and read it out loud to the group.  This is where the waterworks really began.  By the end, every person in the room had an idea of the impact each child and mentor had on each other.  It is these interactions that make a big difference in children’s lives.  And having a school and teacher willing to make this happen means the world.  Thank you Mrs. Cress for being that teacher!

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Student Led FOCUS Week Ends

Today was the last day of FOCUS Week.  What a great way to end the our week, with song and praise, worshiping together.  Best of all, this week’s FOCUS Week was student led.  Which meant that all that music and praise was brought to us by our own students.  What a blessing to see youth leading out in ministry.  How exciting to head young voices praising God and leading others to Christ.

Thanks Chaplains for putting FOCUS week together.  Thanks to all our students who led out in music or story.

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Meet Ms. Lucy Werner – New Preschool Director

We would love to introduce our new Preschool Director, Ms. Lucy Werner. As Preschool Director, Lucy Werner will be leading out a team of teachers that include your current favorite teachers, Amanda Kolibu and Claudia Morales.

With Ms. Kolibu leaving for maternity leave this upcoming week, Ms. Werner will be taking over her classroom duties through the end of the year. We’re excited to introduce Ms. Werner to your children.

With over 30 years of experience in caring for and teaching young children, Lucy Werner comes to us highly qualified for the Preschool Director position. Her degree is in Early Childhood Education. She has a passion for Adventist education that goes back to her time here at Mile High Academy, where she graduated.

She is excited to be joining the MHA team, not only because she loves that she herself attended, but her own children and now her grandchildren go here, too. You may already know one of her granddaughters, Leigha, from preschool.

Her love of teaching means she is constantly working to make their experiences amazing as they grow, develop and learn in a safe and loving environment.  Her goal at MHA is to continue the great mission of educating and bringing children of all ages closer to Jesus.

We look forward to having Ms. Lucy Werner on our campus. Make sure and give her a warm MHA welcome when you meet her.


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3rd Grade RWL Windcrest Reflections

The third grade class will soon be going on their last Windcrest visit.  It will be a special one.  This will be a time of story telling, reflection, and gift giving.  The third graders have a wall they built that will hold memories for the senior mentors they have grown to love during their visits.

In the meantime, here are a few reflections we would like to share with you.  Try reading them without a little tear.  These students really learned a lot during their time at Windcrest.  We hope you learn a little something, too.

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