November 28th is Giving Tuesday, a social movement that helps people give back by donating time, money, or influence to a cause they feel passionate about.

Here at Mile High Academy, we feel passionate about our students, our community, the world around us. That means educating each student on how best to serve each other and those they come into contact with every day.

With your generous help we can make that happen.

Celebrated this #GivingTuesday by encouraging kindness and generosity.

Donate, Volunteer, Share!

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Volunteer Highlight – Mr. Gale Page

I came into the office to pick up some work over the Thanksgiving holiday and was surprised to see a grandparent doing some woodworking in front of the preschool. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since most days you can find a parent, grandparent, or alum doing something interesting to help around the school.

Being curious (otherwise known as nosy), I asked what he was up to. He explained that the preschool needed some more cubbies. Just like that, matter of factly. Preschool needs cubbies, a grandparent provides.

I love Mile High Academy’s volunteer culture. A need arises and there is someone to fill the gap. In this case, the grandparent in question was Mr. Gale Page. And he probably wouldn’t care to be recognized for it but I think that because we have such a strong volunteer culture we should also have a strong culture of appreciation.

I asked our two preschool teachers how they felt about their new cubbies. Lead teacher Mrs. Lucy Werner exlaimed, “It’s awesome to see Preschool so organized.” And Mrs. Morales thought that it was great how much work Mr. Page did for the children.

So, yes, there is a lot of appreciation for our volunteers around here. They do a lot for our children and our community. Thank you, Mr. Page, for your hard work.

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Teacher Highlight – Mr. Kyle Berg

Sometimes we wonder where our teachers came from, how did they end up teaching, why are they so great? Well, sometimes we actually get the answer. That is the case with our very own Upper School Humanities teacher, Mr. Kyle Berg.

In the most recent issue of Outlook Magazine, his student teaching work was featured in one of their articles. He goes on to talk about all that he learned from his own professors at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska and what he hopes to pass on to his students here at MHA.

The authenticity with which he shares, the respect he conveys for his own teachers, that’s what we appreciate about his teaching now. Thank you for sticking with it, Mr. Berg. We’re grateful you’re here for our students.

Read all about it below.

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Volunteer Highlight – Jeanice Jones-Mautz

We will be profiling our parent volunteers this year and we hope you will join us on this page. We have so many gifted community members and we know it. We love that each person contributes to making Mile High Academy a campus of growth and learning. You make us better!

Today, we talked with Jeanice Jones-Mautz, mother of second grader, Esti. Jeanice volunteers once a week, every week, in her daughter’s classroom.

Whether working on math or art, Jeanice makes time to be a part of Esti’s learning experience. In the process, she says, she gets to know all the students in the classroom, learns each of their personalities, likes and dislikes. She’s also gotten to know the teacher. She is truly involved in her daughter’s life.

As Esti grows, Jeanice, says, she wants her to feel that connection all along the way. She wants her to know that she cared every step of the way. Even when it means getting her hands dirty on a gluing project like today’s craft. Tomorrow, it might be a difficult math equation, and someday, it will be the big things of middle and upper school.

Also, Jeanice has a new found respect for the teachers and all the work they do, “these teachers go above and beyond every day for our kids.”

Thank you, Jeanice, for volunteering!

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Annual Auction 2017 Update!

For almost twenty years, Mile High Academy has been hosting an Annual Auction, inviting our community to join in generosity as we support the growth and excellence of our school.

This year, 2017, the Annual Auction was the biggest year yet, grossing four times our biggest year to date.  Thank you!

Without you, the MHA vision of living out Christ-centered values in everything we do would not be possible.  We truly are developing learners who embrace lifelong learning and wish to make a difference in the world.  You make that happen with your willingness to support our school and our students.

(Annual Auction Photography by Garry Hutabarat)

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Grandparents Day!

We love our grandparents!  They love us unconditionally.  They spoil us.  They let us get away with a little bit more than our parents ever do.  What’s not to love.

And around the Mile High Academy campus we have an extra reason for loving our grandparents, they come visit us on Grandparents Day.  At our second annual Grandparents Day we had 72 grandparents on our campus sitting in on classes, joining us at recess, helping us with projects, doing science experiments with us, and eating lunch in the cafeteria just like we do every day.  Best of all, they did it all with smiles.

You can see why we love our grandparents so much.  They just make our day better.  So, visit us anytime, grandparents!

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Mustang Mosey Update!

Were you at this year’s Mustang Mosey? This past Sunday was the yearly MHA run for education.  And here’s what you need to know.

  • This was our 4th Annual Mustang Mosey.
  • We had 115 participants.
  • Just over $3,200 was raised.
  • Proceeds go directly to the worthy student fund of MHA.

It was awesome to see so many of you there. A big thanks to all of you that participated, volunteered and helped sponsor the event. It turned out to be one of the best Moseys we have ever had. We appreciate you for supporting our wonderful school!

(details by Tiffiny Annis)

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Kim Busl from Adventist Help

A very special guest led our chapel last week.  Kim Busl,from Adventist Help, an emergency medical help organization, spoke to the students.  Recounting exciting first-hand experiences in the field, he told his stories with gusto.  Students were on the edge of their seat and chapels ran long because they just didn’t want him to stop.

In the end, the message was clear, there is a lot of need in the world and we can help.  Thank you Mr. Busl for visiting with our students and inspiring them to do more.

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Why Do I Volunteer?

I’m busy.  Like all of you out there, I work, I have a family, I have hobbies I like to do in my free time.  As a parent, my plate is overflowing like potluck day.  And still my school asks me to do community volunteering for my child every year.

It seems overwhelming at the beginning of the year to consider those twenty hours that our family commits.  But the social, academic and emotional success of my kids is important to me so I don’t hesitate.  Because when a teacher asks for a special visit to the classroom, or to chaperone a field trip, or cut out papers for a project, the people it’s benefiting are my children.  And there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them .

Now, before you say that you’re all on board with helping your child but what can you possibly contribute, consider the five following reasons why community service at Mile High Academy is so important and the pivotal role you play (and how you can do it without pulling your hair out).

It takes each of us working together – Creating and maintaining a positive and nurturing school environment is all about the people that are working together towards that goal.  While teachers and administrators are responsible for providing enriching academics and professional support, school should be more than just a place where textbooks are handed out and good grades are expected.

Instead, at MHA we want a tight knit community of service oriented families who dedicate their time and resources to building a solid foundation of support.  This creates a lasting impression on staff and students alike.

Planning events, organizing fundraisers, donating time and energy to cleaning up and beautifying the campus, and using professional and personal connections to benefit the school takes some serious manpower. Your child’s school is the community and you, my friend, are a part of that community, so let’s work together.

It doesn’t take much – Maybe you work full time. Maybe you run a home business.  Maybe you just want to take a nap every once in a while when the baby is sleeping.  I know, I’ve been there.  A lot of our parents are in the same boat as you so don’t feel alone, ever.  That’s the great part, we have each other.  When it comes to helping out, a little can really go a long way. Spending once a week or even once a month making copies, distributing fliers, sending out emails, or painting posters takes the edge off of someone else who’s probably already doing more than their fair share. So check your calendar and figure out how much time you can really devote to service in your child’s classroom and then commit to it.  We’ll all help together.

You have a talent that we need – I don’t bake or craft so I avoid those service projects all together.  But if the teacher needs me to tell a story in the classroom or help out with homework I’m there.  I’m honest with the teachers about where I can be the most help.  You can be as well.  They appreciate whatever you have to offer because when you use your gifts you contribute so much more.  In other words, don’t sign up for something you’ll just hate doing in the long run, do something you love and you’ll do it with passion.

Your child will be so grateful – Yes, I know my child will have a great time whether I’m there or not but I love the smile on their faces when I’m in the classroom.  There’s nothing better.  School is so much more than just drop-off and pick-up.  The majority of teacher wish list items, book fairs and special events are organized and implemented by volunteers who believe your child is worth the extra effort. Helping to oversee programs, classroom events, and special projects will give your child a more meaningful school experience — plus that smile, should be motivation enough for all of us.

That feeling you get – You are one of the main reasons for your child’s great campus experience every day, and that’s a pretty great feeling.  So, even though you should do it for all of the above reasons, if for no other reason, do it because you’ll feel great after you’ve done a great service at your child’s school.  The time goes by so quickly, they’re only young for so long, spend a little of that time getting to know them where they spend their days.

So come do some community service at Mile High Academy today.  You’ll be doing your child’s school – and yourself – a good deed.

by Agape Hammond

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Real World Learning 2017

This year is off to a great start, with classrooms full of enthusiastic learners, teachers fresh and full of ideas, and of course, Real World Learning.

Real World Learning (RWL) is an integral part of the Mile High Academy whole child learning experience.  Every student that leaves MHA will be prepared with the skills to answer life’s big questions, think in ways that matter to the world around them, and work well with others.  All of our teachers use RWL in their classrooms in different and academically critical ways.

Here are just some examples of the projects going on this year in the teachers’ own words.  Make sure and ask your student in what RWL project they are currently participating.


RWL – Mile High Academy Teachers

Teacher: Kyle Berg

Project: “Podcasting: For Those with Ears to hear”

Students will be answering the driving question: “What are you passionate about and want the world to hear?” Students will be in pairs or groups and will create at least three podcasts on the answer to the driving question. Students will record with the goal to inform and persuade an audience into action. Students will take on specific roles that can be changed and switched between podcast episodes (producer, editor, host, and co-host). Some students may take on more than one role depending on the size and skill of the group. Students should be able to do effective journalistic work (research, fact check, create, and produce) in order to publish at least three podcast episodes centered around the driving question.

Teacher: Rebecca Berg

Project: “Be Entrepreneurial”

This class introduces students to the essential elements of a practical business plan and then challenges them to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

Students will learn about advertising, competitive advantages, financing, marketing, and product development. They will also learn how to use their business to benefit and improve the community and world around them

Teacher: Christina Hernandez

Project: SUDS

In this project students will explore different methods of making soap, with different recipes using a design process.  They will be using chemical processes to create amazing soap that can lather, clean, look, and smell better than store bought brands.  Students will also create packaging and research marketing strategies to sell their product that can compete with the main stream market.

Teacher: Mrs. Venteicher

Project: LEAD – Leadership Exploration and Development

Students will learn what it means to be a leader through various leadership activities, interviewing current leaders in our community, and looking at leaders from the past and present. Students will learn the Biblical principles for what it means to be a servant leader. Students will take everything that they are learning about themselves as leaders and about what it means to be a leader and apply it into action with designing and putting on a leadership workshop at the end of the Trimester for a group of their peers outside of the Mile High Community.  In this workshop they will be teaching others what they have learned and what it means to be a servant leader.

Teacher: Brian Howard

Project: Shed Build

Students will learn to design, plan and construct the shed according to Highlands Ranch Municipal Codes.

Teacher: Danielle Cress

Project: Meet Needs To Educate

How can we help meet the needs of kids in another country so that they can focus on learning and growing? We are going to be making water filtration systems so that Fiji can obtain clean water in the areas that are still disturbed by last year’s cyclone. We will also be making books that we will be sending to the mobile kindergartens that will be taken to remote villages to help students learn.

Teacher:  Heidi Chaij

Project: “Bread of Life”

We will investigate the world’s hunger problem and discover how bread has been used throughout history to feed people. We will also learn about balanced nutrition, so we can make better choices. We will be making breads to sell, where the proceeds will go to fight hunger.

Teacher: Jerson Malaguit

Project: Repurpose with Purpose

Investigating worldwide plastic pollution and the ways in which we can mitigate plastic consumption, grow recycling programs, and create new ocean cleaning solutions.




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