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What is MHA’s philosophy and vision? – We adhere to our mission of “A Christ-centered education that empowers students to excel.” And our vision is to prepare students for the future through the academic, spiritual, and physical.

What type of student is MHA looking for? – We want students and families that are looking to engage fully in our community and that are seeking learning opportunities. We want students that are ready to explore and eager to serve.

What curriculum does MHA use in LS/MS/US? – Please visit each of our school pages to learn more about the curriculum your child will delve into this year.

Class size and student/teacher ratios at MHA? – Currently, our classrooms are at a 14:1 student/teacher ratio. However, this fluctuates between classrooms.

How much is tuition and what does it include? – Each school has its own tuition. The financial brochure can provide more detailed information into this. However, one thing to note is that the registration fee does cover most classroom fees during the year, things such as banquets and field trips.

What specials does MHA offer? – The specials we offer at MHA would take up this whole page but we will mention a few. We offer specials in the areas of art, music, STEM, physical education, and real world learning. Some of these are a full sports program in middle and upper schools, robotics, special choir, 3D printing, and Spanish.

How do we integrate technology into the classroom and the curriculum? – At MHA we are intentional about how technology is used in every grade. From Preschool through 12th grade, every classroom has iPads or laptops that students use to enhance their learning. In addition, each classroom also has mimio boards or projectors that teachers and students use to present, teach, or interact authentically with their learning.

What is student life like at MHA? – We like to say that student life at MHA is a full and rich experience that will create life long friendships. We also know that it’s as much as the student wants to participate in, as well. We offer opportunities for volunteering, class officers positions, school jobs, sports, travel, music, and plenty of community activities that bring us all together.

How can parents get involved at MHA? – We love our parent volunteers. Parent volunteers model service to our students and help our campus run smoothly all year long. From our Parent Ambassador program to real world learning to directing traffic at pick up, our parents are integral to the culture of our school. We hope you find an are that works for you because we need parents on campus.

How is the school governed and operated? – At MHA we have a School Board that oversees the Administration.