First Town Hall Meeting Update

First Town Hall Meeting Update

Next Town Hall Meetings – December 10, 2014
Mile High Academy Board Room
8:00 AM – with Spanish Translation (en Español)
2:30 PM
6:30 PM

November 14, 2014 – We would like to thank all of those that participated in this morning’s Connect with Kase Town Hall Meeting.  It was a time of discussion and sharing.  A lot of insight was gained that will propel us into the next steps of this exciting process.

We appreciate your willingness to share thoughts and ideas.  We will make sure to consider everything that is said thoughtfully and prayerfully.  We are a family here at Mile High Academy and everything we do is done in that spirit.  We ask for your prayers as well while on this journey together.

Have a Blessed day!

We also have dates and times for upcoming Town Hall Meetings.

You will want to come to these or tell a friend.