Nancy Gebhardt, LS Christmas Volunteer

Nancy Gebhardt, LS Christmas Volunteer

Helping with the Preschool through 5th grade Christmas has it’s own special set of challenges and rewards, just ask Nancy Gebhard, fifth grade parent and volunteer. Her musical background made her the perfect choice for helping out with the solo coaching. 

Helping teachers and play director, Pastor Tim Cress, pull out students for individualized help made lighter work. Each child was able to focus on their parts, memorize lines, learn their solos, better prepare for tonight’s performance.

I asked Nancy about her motivation, “It’s fun to work with the little ones. They’re cute when they finally get it. To see their faces light up, aha, I got it right!” And I see her face light up at that moment. There is something about volunteering that makes her animated, excited to be a part of something bigger.

One year ago, her family moved into the Denver area and they chose Mile High Academy. That means, of all the schools in the area, we got this family, a fifth grader who adds to our Lower School performance tonight, a mom who volunteers with a big smile on her face. That makes us pretty lucky.

Thanks for choosing us, Gebhardt family. And thanks to all our volunteers our there, you make lighter work for all our teachers.