All School Exhibition 2017

All School Exhibition 2017

On Tuesday, May 16, Mile High Academy (MHA) opened its doors to the first annual All School Exhibition. Lower School hosted parents and community visitors in their classrooms, Middle School throughout their lobby and homerooms, and Upper School displayed in their commons area and gymnasium. The school was bustling with families moving in and out of spaces, anxious to see what their students had been working on throughout the year and curious about what other students have been doing this year.

Highlights included Middle School teacher Russell Palmer’s exhibit on the homeless plight in Denver. Through student written poetry, song, and video, the story moved exhibit visitors to tears. Third grade’s exhibit on senior mentorship was just as moving. Teacher, Danielle Cress, had each child take turns explaining their part in the project. Parents stood as students told the story of how they got to know their special senior friends and what they learned from the experience. The biggest exhibit was the “Peter Pan” ship in the gym. Here, students took visitors on a behind the scenes tour of the building and acting of the production of “Peter Pan” that took place last month.

Principal Vunileva walked the halls taking her own live videos of each exhibit. Her excitement was contagious and we had to ask her about it, “I loved seeing all the learning come to life in an impactful way. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great things they will do next year.”

These exhibits, as well as the others throughout the school, demonstrated the depth to which the students delved into their subject matter. It showed a commitment to mastery that only Real World Learning (RWL) can achieve. Eighth grader, Blake Essex, said it best, “By explaining the project I did, I learned more about it.” When a student takes on a whole project they not only learn the academic side but they internalize the material, they become aware of the community impact it can make. It becomes bigger than themselves.

At MHA, our commitment to RWL continues to be that each student develops skills that take them beyond the classroom. The exhibition last night proves that our students are doing just that.