Senior Events

Senior Events

Were you at the Senior events last week? Senior Blessing, Consecration, Baccalaureate, Commencement? Four events to send off our seniors into the world. Some say this is an excessive amount of events. We all end the the week on Sunday night, crash on our beds with a sigh and wonder how we made it through it all. And then we remember, each one was so amazing.

Senior blessing brings parents out to cherish their children with words of affirmation and prayers. Consecration is a night where students honor their parents sacrifices. The Baccalaureate is songs, words of wisdom, a whole congregation of love for our students. And finally, the night they have been waiting for, it all culminates as they walk the aisle in style, it truly is a celebration of their accomplishments.

If you have never been, come to a Mile High Academy celebration of seniors. It’s four days of caring, celebrating, encouraging, sending theme into the world in the best way possible, our arms wrapped around them as a whole community. We do it big and we do it well!

Check out the videos on our Facebook page and some of our pics here.