Sign In Changes!

Sign In Changes!

Have you noticed changes to the pick-up and sign in system at the front desk? If so, you’re not alone. In an effort to create the safest environment for all of our students, visitors, and staff, we are now requiring that all of our visitors, known and unknown, show a valid, government-issued ID. That’s right, I’ve been a parent here for several years but if I come in to pick up my kids and I walk back to the classroom, I’ve got to show ID.

You know the front desk knows you, and yes, it can be annoying, but we love every student on this campus and it’s for them. So in that spirit, let’s all keep that ID in our pockets when we come through the front door and help out the front desk. Because it feels awkward for them, too, having to ask you, a parent of so many years, or just a few days, to hand over your ID to scan in.

But, better safe than sorry, because we also ask every stranger that walks through our door to show their ID. That should feel comforting, right?

Thanks for understanding. We know you care about your children, we care too!