Give a Gift in Honor

Give a Gift in Honor

A gift or memorial donation is a fitting tribute to someone special. Your support helps Mile High Academy continue to thrive.  The wide range of academic, athletic, music and spiritual programs improve lives and prepare students for their future.

Give a Gift in Honor

Marti (Marlys Shull) Stendl Memorial

Judy Gennetten-Wesslen (Class of ’68) would like to create the Marti (Marlys Shull) Stendl Memorial.

When you send a gift in the name of Marti (Marlys Shull) Stendl you are honoring the memory of someone who helped students in need of assistance attend Mile High Academy.  She herself gave regularly to make sure those that needed were helped.  She paid forward what had been done for her while at Mile High Academy.

Your donations will honor Marlys Shull and provide for the future of students who love Mile High Academy as much as she did and who will now be able to attend because of your generosity.

Honor Someone Special

This space is saved for someone you would like to honor through gift giving.

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