Thank You for Attending the Pepsi Center Games!

Were you at the game last night? It was amazing to see our players go out so confidently onto the Pepsi Center basketball court. It’s such a great opportunity to see our students take center stage and show off their skills as well as their strong characters. Every family represented on the court yesterday should be proud of their students.

This is what our own Athletic Director had to say about the games yesterday and about the MHA community:

“As I was packing up my kids in our family van, as we were leaving the Nuggets game last night, my 5 year-old, Rosie, said, “What a magnificent day!” She was right, it was magnificent. Thank you to all of our players, coaches, teachers, students, families, and community members who made yesterday’s Pepsi Center game possible. It’s a great experience for our student-athletes, but also a celebration of our community and the bonds that connect us all. I’d like to give a special “thank you” to our Parent Ambassadors who do a great job of keeping everyone involved. Hope to see you all out there again next year.” – Walter Weber, Vice Principal/Athletic Director

Thank you!

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