Volunteer Profile – Emmanuel Makizimana

Volunteer Profile – Emmanuel Makizimana

If you’ve ever gone through the pick up line, you may have seen Mr. Emmanuel Makizimana’s smiling face as he calls numbers and helps with directing traffic. Mr. Makizimana is just one of the parent volunteers that make Mile High Academy a better place for our students.

After seeing him in line, myself a few times, I decided I need to sit down and ask him why it is he gives back at MHA. But like all our parent volunteers, he was reluctant at first. There always tends to be a “who me?” implied, if not outright asked, when I approach volunteers about why they volunteer.

Still, I managed to ask a few questions eventually and it was worth it.

Me: How long have you had students at MHA?

Mr. Makizimana: Let’s see, 4 years.

Me: I see you at the pick up line. This is a job that not many parents take on. Why were you willing to volunteer?

Mr. Makizimana: It makes me happy to give back to MHA!

Me: What is the benefit of volunteering, to you or to your kids or to the school?

Mr. Makizimana: Well, it is an example to the community, to my kids, it is the right thin to do. I do it happily because it give me joy.

Me: Are there particular jobs you like more than others?

Mr. Makizimana: (With a quizzical look on his face) Anything I can do to help, I will do it!

Thank you for all you do, Mr. Makizimana! And for all our volunteers!