Thank you and Why 21st Century Learning is Important!

Thank you and Why 21st Century Learning is Important!

Thank you!

The month of December, Mile High Academy hosted a #socialgiving campaigned to raise money for 21st Century Learning Tools. Our goal was set at $50,000!

First let’s explain why we chose 21st Century Learning Tools. Designed to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s world, at Mile High Academy, we know that in order to solve today’s real challenges, classrooms must cultivate the interdisciplinary themes of global awareness, civic responsibility, and health literacy. We also emphasize key skill areas such as creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, research, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making into all core subject matter.

With this in mind, the ideal is that each classroom is equipped with the tools needed to propel students into the world of problem solving and creative learning. Most of our classrooms provide these tools. There is always room for more!

That is where the goal of $50,000 towards 21st Century Learning Tools comes in. That is where you come in!

In December we raised $45,042.84. Wow! We came so close. Thank you for your generosity. Remember, it doesn’t have to end there. We take donations all year long, because learning happens all year long!