2nd Grade Giving

Mile High Academy is more than just a wide variety of classes that teach to the whole child, mind, body and spirit.  MHA is also about learning life values, caring for others, appreciating the good things in life, loving those that need it most.

Last week, second grade teacher, Meg Current, put together a stuffed animal drive for kids who for one reason or another end up in the hospital.  As a tribute to the passing of a friend’s child, she wanted to show that there are ways we can honor and show compassion for those who are hurting.

Our students got the message loud and clear, going home and asking parents and friends to donate.  Other grades took initiative and participated as well collecting lots of furry and soft stuffed animals to share.

In the words of Mrs. Current, “We collected a lot of stuffed animals to donate in honor of Noah Russell. Thank you so much to all those who participated and the classes that donated! On Monday our class took the animals to the Pediatric Emergency Room at Littleton Hospital. The ER director was there to greet us and accept the gifts. It was a very cool experience for the kids!  Your gifts are appreciated.”

And to all the students and parents who took their time and money to donate to kids who need a little extra care, Thank you!

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