C – Christ Centered H – Honor E – Exploration R – Responsibility I – Integrity S – Service H – Heroism

What is CHERISH?

Part of what makes Mile High Academy great is its pursuit of greatness.  One of the ways we do that is by instilling real values into our Students and our Staff.

We have implemented the CHERISH Core Values as a way to educate and reinforce the values that are important to us.  However, it is not only something that will reap results here at school but will flow into their lives at home and the world.

“We wanted to make our Core Values a memorable, easy-to-grasp program that children from the earliest grades all the way through academy would be able to understand and embody,” shared Lonnie Hetterle, RMC vice president for education. “We ‘cherish’ our students; we ‘cherish’ our teachers; and with these Core Values as our guiding principles, we will ‘cherish’ each other.”

We are always looking forward here at Mile High Academy.