Academic, College, and Guidance Counseling

As a college preparatory school, Mile High Academy is committed to help students with college planning. Our curriculum is designed to meet college admission requirements so that students can pursue a college admission that best fits with the student’s goals.

PSAT, ACT, and SAT Testing:

Sophomore year: Students will take the PSAT as an introduction to standardized testing and in preparation for the National Merit Scholarship their Junior year.

Junior year: Students will take the PSAT for National Merit Scholarship purposes. Students will also take the ACT in the Spring of their Junior year.

Senior year: Students are provided with the opportunities to take the ACT throughout the year.

Mile High Academy is proud to be able to offer the ACT test on Sunday as an alternative to Saturday testing to meet the religious needs of students.

Mile High requires Juniors and Seniors to take the ACT once a year and covers the cost of that one required time of testing.

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