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Service Scholarships

Students under the age of 25 may apply for ADRA Connections scholarships. Students meeting the following criteria are eligible for scholarships:

  • Must be enrolled at a high school/college/university in any of the 50 states in the U.S. and Canada

  • 25 years or younger

  • Individuals can receive a scholarship only once (unless otherwise approved)

Service Discounts

We know international travel can get expensive. Thanks to the support of amazing donors, we are not only able to offer scholarships to students but we are also able to offer trip discounts.


If you represent a group, you will be doing a lot of work to get everyone together. We want to help you out by giving you a free ride on our trip! All you have to do is pay your airfare like everyone else. You must have a group of at least 15 traveling volunteers (in addition to yourself) to qualify for this discount.


Have you ever thought about traveling as a family? The costs can add up quickly. We want to help by giving one of the adults 50% off. Each child can receive a service scholarship if they are in school and qualify. This discount is only available to families of four or more (two adults, two or more children).

To apply for a scholarship, register online at

Online release at

CardRates launched an annual $1,000 scholarship offer that’s available for Mile High Academy seniors who intend to pursue a career in the finance industry: Financial Futures Scholarship.

Deadline: February 24, 2023

You will also find information about our scholarship program on our website: Scholarship worth $2,000

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