Lunch Program

We are pleased to offer hot lunch on certain weekdays for our MHA students. The menu is as follows:

Macaroni and Cheese – $5/$6

  • Every Monday except the second Monday of each month
  • Each meal includes fruit, vegetable, and a small desert
  • Benefitting the Class of 2024

Spaghetti – $6

  • Second Monday of each month
  • This meal option includes sides
  • Benefitting the Class of 2029

Pizza – $5/$6/$7

  • Every Tuesday
  • Each meal option includes three sides
  • Benefitting the Class of 2028

Hot Dogs – $5/$7

  • Every Wednesday
  • Each meal option includes three sides
  • Benefitting the Classes of 2023 and 2026

Bean Burritos and Cheesy Rollups – $5/$6/$7

  • Every Thursday
  • Burritos and cheesy rollups are from Taco Bell
  • Burritos are just cheese and beans, sauce is on the side.
  • Each meal option includes three sides
  • Benefitting the Class of 2027

Breakfast Burritos – $3/$5

  • Every Friday
  • Must be preordered before Friday morning as burritos will be delivered by 8 am Friday
  • Options are bean and cheese or potato and egg
  • Benefitting the Music Department

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (Lower School Only) – $5/$7

  • Every Friday for Lower School only
  • Benefitting the Music Department

How To Order

  • Log into your FACTS Account
  • Select Lunch
  • Create Web Order
  • Make your selections
  • Don’t forget to click Order Items at the bottom of your selection menu

If you have any questions, please contact the front office at 303.744.1069.

Our lunch program wouldn’t be possible without the help of our parent volunteers. If you are able to help either donate items or help serve, please email Jocelyn Aalborg.

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