Music for the Brain

Music for the Brain

Why Play an Instrument

Here at photo 3 (2)Mile High Academy we pride ourselves on high Academic standards, excellent Athletics and a top notch Music program.  We know that our students benefit greatly from our well-rounded program.  We have done our research and in one area we are confident that our students are getting the most out of their Mile High Academy years.

We know that by incorporating music into our curriculum, we are providing benefits that will affect every aspect of a student’s academic performance, an advantage that will take them well into adulthood.

According to PLOS One, a peer reviewed scientific journal, there are positive effects associated with practicing a musical instrument as a child.

“The strong predictive effect of training duration suggests that instrumental music training may enhance auditory discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and nonverbal reasoning.”

Psychology Today had a lot to say on the subject of beginning musical Littleton Education Service IMG_4537 (2)training at an early age.

“Playing a musical instrument can cause fundamental changes in a young person’s brain, shaping both how it functions and how it is physically structured, researchers say. “Listening to and making music is not only an auditory experience, but it is a multisensory and motor experience. Making music over a long period of time can change brain function and brain structure.”

An article in Science News quotes the following research, solidifying the evidence that music is beneficial.

“Electrodes placed on the kids’ scalps revealed millisecond-scale differences in brain activity in response to the syllables, suggesting that the more musically trained brains were better at distinguishing between the sounds. This neural distinction has been linked to real-life skills such as reading and the ability to pick out speech from a noisy din, says Kraus.”

We love hearing our students play and every time they do so they are also expanding their minds.  The possibilities are endless when you have the right balance and here at Mile High Academy our Faculty is doing a great job of doing just that.  We are thankful to have so many talented and innovative minds on our staff.