Christmas Breakfast 2016

Every year, Mile High Academy spends its last day before Christmas break in celebration.  This takes the form of a big school wide breakfast.  Headed by parent volunteers, students are encouraged to come to school hungry to enjoy the bounty.  Fruit, potato and egg casseroles, bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, donuts, it’s all available.  Students dig in as they watch Christmas movies about Jesus’ birth or enjoy Christmas music and sing along between bites.  Teachers munch along, too, as they take a much needed few minutes before games and crafts continue on this festive day.

It’s amazing that right up until the last minute, with all the hard work they’ve put in teaching, putting on Christmas programs, keeping kids excited about Christmas gift exchanges and still getting homework turned in, these teachers have smiles on their faces and kind words on their lips.  We love our teachers and know that even as they are on break these next two weeks they are preparing great things for our students for the New Year!

Thank you to all our Parent Volunteers, led by Katrina Dean in Upper School and Dana Tikker in Lower and Middle School.  Thank you PTA.  Thank you Teachers.  Thank you Staff.  Thank you Parents.  Thank you Students.

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