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Regardless of where we stand on this issue it is important that we acknowledge the very real issue of the fact that this is a serious illness. As long as we continue to work together, we can continue to move forward as a school and community. Making decisions for a community is inherently different from making decisions for an individual family. Our students are so important to us and it is important that we think and act proactively when their wellbeing is threatened. We thank you for your support and continued prayers. Our hope is that our students will be able to experience an amazing school year, blessed with optimal physical, academic, and emotional health.

Latest Communication

Dear MHA Family,

The Tri-County Health Department has rescinded their previous mask order to require masks in schools with the option for counties to opt-out. A new order was issued stating that all students and individuals in schools are required to wear masks while indoors for ages 2 and up. The order takes effect tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1, through December 31, unless extended, rescinded or amended by Tri-County.

As stated in the previous communication from the board, “Should Douglas County mandate a mask order, MHA, in accordance in our CHERISH core values, will comply with that order.”

Starting September 1, tomorrow morning, all students and faculty will be required to wear a face covering while indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Here is the link to the Tri-County Health Department order.

Thank you for your continuous prayers and support as we navigate this school year.

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