Exhibition Night 2019

The annual Exhibition Night is about bringing our community together to see some of the Real World Learning projects our students dedicate themselves to doing throughout the year. Exhibition Night is specifically intended for our students to present their projects to a live and authentic audience. 

RWL is dedicated to engaging our students in meaningful projects that demonstrate mastery of learning. On Exhibition Night students present this mastery to their friends and family.
Our students present their work with deep understanding and communicate how projects relate to themselves as well as to their community.

Highlights of the event included Middle School yearbook, where students took you in a journey through the writing process, photography lessons, and s walk down a hallway of their best work. Upper School held an exhibit on “Hero in Your Own Story”, graphic novels written and illustrated by upper school students about fifth graders. In the Lower School, third graders walked guests through “5 Loaves” displays. Here, visitors could see yeast in action, taste bread, and hear the story of Jesus’ miracle feeding of the 5000.

There were many more exhibits but you have to come see for yourself next year!

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