Explore The World!

On the 3rd of April, a group of upper school students from Mile High Academy embarked on the trip of a lifetime. Their destination, England and France. This biennial trip is part of the language arts program led by Mrs. Jenni Eno. The goal is to place students in the spaces where literary greats once walked, experience the places that up to now students have only read about. Twenty-three students and several chaperones set off to immerse themselves in history.

Why does MHA value learning trips? Mrs. Eno has been doing this trip for years and knows first hand what it means for students to see where Shakespeare’s plays were performed. Mr. Brian Howard who went on the trip this year as a sponsor sees many benefits to exposing students to travel, “Experiencing different cultures, getting students outside their comfort zones, seeing new and different ways of thinking about the world, these are the opportunities that truly change our students.”

Photos Jenni Eno and Brian Howard

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