Grandparent's are so important!

Grandparent’s Day Success, All Smiles!

Yesterday, we had more than 80 grandparents walking the Mile High Academy halls.  That means 80 smiling grandparents and as many, or more, beaming grandchildren spent the day together.

A special all schools chapel, tours of the campus, refresher classes in addition and subtraction, grandchild-grandparent interviews and much more filled our Grandparent’s Day.  The hard part was deciding where to go next, recess with one grandchild or music with another.  Lunch was provided with the option of eating at the set tables or going back and joining the students in their classrooms and eating like one of them.  Most grandparents chose the second option, wanting to participate as fully as possible in this be-a-student-again experience.

We loved how much energy and excitement our grandparents brought to the campus.  It really made the students feel special to see their grandparents want to be there with them.  We know some grandparents couldn’t make it today, so keep looking for next year’s dates and plan on this exciting event.  Your grandchild will thank you.

Check out all the fun photos on our Campus page.


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