Jill Dean Baptized!

IMG_7958It has been a year of Mile High Academy students asking Christ into their lives through baptism.

Yesterday, the 11th of July, Jill Dean one of MHA’s high school students chose to give her life to Christ in this very special way.

During the church service she stood up in front of the congregation to tell her story.  In addition to her family and the Newday Christian Seventh-day Adventist church pastors, Jill credited MHA with helping her make this beautiful decision.

After church, many of the congregation as well as family, friends and teachers, gathered around the Platte River to see her become new in Christ through immersion.  What a beautiful day, what a beautiful reason to be out in God’s creation celebrating this occasion.

What a blessing to see young lives baptized and transformed through Christ.  As part of the MHA family we embrace you Jill Dean and pray for blessings.

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