Mile High Academy Reaches Debt-Free Goal

When Mile High Academy opens its doors to a new school year, it will welcome students, staff, and families to a 100 percent debt-free campus.

“It was truly a community effort,” said Jocelyn Aalborg, MHA’s VP of Finance. “Something that wouldn’t have been possible without God’s guidance and the support of our generous alumni, staff, families, churches, and businesses. We can’t say enough to thank our donors for their role in helping MHA become 100 percent debt free.”

MHA relocated to its current Highlands Ranch, Colorado campus in August 2015. With this move and unforeseen operating expenses, the debt totaled $4.7 million. Since the move, the focus has been on relieving this debt, while continuing to provide an excellent Christ-centered education to more than 200 students annually. The total $4.7 million has been donated or pledged with a small number of pledges still to come.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the people who rallied together to pay off 4.7 million dollars of debt Mile High Academy. A great big thank you to the leadership at MHA. Praise God!” said Ed Barnett, RMC president.

MHA principal, Toakase Vunileva expressed her appreciation of the blessing the school has received. She commented, “Praise God for doing the impossible. Thank each and every one of you for the way that you’ve given and prayed, and the time you’ve shared to enable Mile High Academy to be debt-free.”

During 2019/20 budget discussions, an anonymous donor brought to the table a proposal to eliminate the debt. A strategic campaign was launched. This campaign sought contributions from current families, school board, faculty and staff, alumni, churches, hospitals, and businesses. The funds started to pour in. By the evening of July 8, MHA’s VP of Finance was able to report that the school was 100 percent debt free.

“I won’t deny there were times of doubt,” said Aalborg. “However, God opened hearts in ways we never would have imagined. The outpouring of generosity speaks volumes to the exceptional “family” that supports the current students and future generations of Mile High Academy.”

(article first appeared in RMC News Nuggets)

— Karrie Meyers with Jocelyn Aalborg; photos by Agape Hammond

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