MS RWL Clothes for the Homeless Blessing

For my real world learning class, called “Heart Warming” we have been collecting clothing items to donate to the home…less here in Denver to keep them warm through the winter.
The students have been calling stores all over town to inquire as to whether they might have anything to donate to our cause. Two of my students got a hold of someone at Savers in Littleton last week, and the employee they spoke to said that he would put aside a few boxes of items for our class to come and pickup today. The whole drive there I was praying that God would work this out and that the students would be blessed by the experience.
When we got there, we tried to connect with the employee that my students had talked to but he wasn’t there. We explained who we were and what we were trying to accomplish to another employee, but she had no idea about any boxes that had been put aside for us. When I asked if she knew of anything that the store could donate, this is what she said: “Ok, here’s what we’re going to do; I need you kids to break up into groups and each group needs to grab a shopping cart.” She proceeded to tell the kids to walk up and down the aisles and pick anything they wanted to give to the homeless and put it in the carts. When the carts were heaping full she told them to grab a second cart. When the second one was full she told them to grab a third! She then gave us huge bags to bag up all the clothes we had picked out, and as the kids were bagging them up they were saying, “Palmer, it’s a miracle from heaven!” Others said, “It’s like the fishes and loaves…no wait, it’s the fishes and CLOTHES!”
The employees were saying, “God bless you kids for what you’re doing, keep up the good work!” When it was all said and done we walked out of Savers with a bunch of shopping carts that were overflowing with 35 bags of clothes for the homeless…and we got them ALL FOR FREE!! It truly was a “fishes and clothes” miracle from heaven. – shared by Russell Palmer

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