NAPS on Campus

Mile High Academy has been blessed by having NAPS (National Association for the Prevention of Starvation) join our chapels the last couple weeks. Through beautiful music, moving video, God’s word, and powerful skits, they have touched the hearts and minds of students and faculty, alike.

The NAPS mission is one of humanitarian aid, the elimination of hunger, emergency relief, and educational support. NAPS is made up of student and new graduate volunteers who dedicate a year of their lives to mission work wherever they are most needed.

It was our privilege to have them on our campus sharing their love of Christ and his mission of spreading love and care to the world. It was exciting to see the responses from each of the different schools. In Lower School the kids laughed and clapped as the skits told stories that met them at their level. The NAPS group was met by a more reserved crowd of Middle Schoolers but had them laughing by the end. Tears flowed freely in the Upper School as heartstrings were pulled through a video of all the different places NAPS goes and the crises we face here at home and worldwide. But the mood was lightened when the NAPS players performed a skit on peer pressure and its effect on our faith.

Afterwards, I asked a couple of the NAPS group what they thought about their time here at MHA. Avery, answering in his deep baritone, told me he was impressed by how supportive the staff has been and what attentive students we have.

Naomi, petite and quiet but obviously a strong leader in the group, was similarly impressed but went on to add that often in high school students aren’t willing to express their emotions but she saw so much emotion during the chapels here at MHA. “The goal,” she said, “is to tell about God’s love and all that it can do for each person. That’s the message NAPS wants to spread. That’s what they want to accomplish.

This group works so well together to bring God’s love to life. From the way the students responded, with laughter and tears, spontaneous clapping and edge of their seats attention, NAPS is doing a powerful work for Christ by sharing their love with all those they meet.

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