Parent Programs

PTA wants you to be a part of all the MHA fun! By being a part of PTA you can participate in the future of MHA.

Helping elderly in the community with house repairs

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO makes the school a better place for children to learn. Parents of students work together with teachers, raise money through sponsored events, and generally support the school’s efforts. PTO members are parent volunteers that want to make education at MHA the best.

Smiling helpers

Parent Ambassador

Parent Ambassadors are our school’s identity. They reflect our school values, ethics and appearance through social media channels, as well as their interactions with teachers, students, and parents they engage with on a regular basis.

Ambassadors are the link between our families, ensuring that you feel welcome at Mile High Academy. As needed, they provide guidance to new families, introducing them to others within the community.

Ambassadors are also great at community conversations. Through posting, liking, commenting on, sharing and writing about your school, Ambassadors have the ability to reach out into the community and position your school within their social network. They provide their followers with a clear sense of your school’s unique personality and philosophy. Ambassadors drive the conversation on our campus.

LMM Breakfast Served

Room Parent

Our Room Parents connect students, teachers, and families within the class, ensuring that communication flows smoothly throughout. They are great at helping our teachers and bring together volunteers for programs and events.