We’re “Playing Hard Ball”

There is a smell in the air every spring as bulbs start to bloom and freshly cut grass means, let’s play ball.  Baseball is a time honored tradition, Americana at its best.  Mile High Academy is now part of that tradition as we begin not only a new season of baseball but the first time in our history we’ve had a baseball team on our campus.

Walter Weber is our baseball coach this year.  He brings with him years of experience on and off the field.  He also has a great team of assistant coaches backing him up.  Not to mention the MHA boys who are ready for this new and exciting baseball season.  When I asked him how he felt about his first game Tuesday night he had this to say, “This is a history making day and I’m so proud of our boys for getting out there and playing hard.”

And playing hard is what Mile High Academy teams do best.  The first game was a mix of nervous energy and first game jitters.  The first inning showed that but the boys came back strong, stealing bases, hitting home runs that got them some great plays to the end.  The game ended with MHA losing to the Gilpin County baseball team.

The Mustangs may have lost this game but just getting out their on that field and knowing this is the start of something great and they were the first ones in the history of MHA to do, that’s a big win.

We’re proud of our team!

See all the pics on our Photo Gallery page.

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