School Board & Churches


Mile High Academy is governed by the Mile High Academy School Board. The Board is comprised of one pastor and up to two representatives from each constituent church. The purpose of the Board is to function as a working board focused on the recruitment, retention, and succession of an exceptional principal, partnering with the Principal to accomplish the vision and mission of MHA and its development.

The Board meets every fourth Tuesday (August-May) of the month and is comprised of the following members:

Denver South Adventist Church

  • Evgeni Kovachev (Pastor)
  • Pam Bernal
  • Mara Espinosa

Denver West Adventist Church

  • Nathaniel Gamble (Pastor & Board Chair)
  • Eleanor Kuhn

LifeSource Adventist Fellowship

  • Daniel Birai (Pastor)
  • Tiffiny Annis
  • Karene Thomas-Watts

Littleton Adventist Church

  • Godfrey Miranda (Pastor)
  • Stephanie Lind
  • Brodie Philpott
  • Adrian Donovan (Finance Chair)

Mid America Union

  • LouAnn Howard (Director of Education)
  • Gerry Ban (Associate Director of Education)

Rocky Mountain Conference

  • Diane Harris (Director of Education)
  • Paul Negrete (Associate Director of Education)
  • Darin Gottfried (Vice President of Finance)

Mile High Academy

  • Andrew Carpenter (Principal)
  • Jocelyn Aalborg (Invitees, Vice Principal of Finance & Development)

Community Representative

  • Rick Dodds

If you would like to contact a member of the School Board, please email [email protected].


Mile High Academy receives support and funding from the following Denver metro churches:

Our partnership with all churches means so much to us as we continue God’s work of being a light in the community and sharing Christ with others.