Social Giving

Financial Aid through end of year!

We ask that you help us reach one last goal to end the 2017-2018 school year!

As you know, 60% of our students receive some sort of financial aid. We pride ourselves in being able to assist any family that walks through our doors and it’s because of generous gift like yours that we can do so.

Our Financial Aid goal for the 2017-2018 school year is $300,000 and you’ve helped us raise $111,000. Thank you!

All donations from now until the end of the school year will go towards student aid. Every dollar counts and goes to helping families that want to be here.

So far this year…

  • We purchased a bus with the funds raised at our Annual Auction. Now our students can go into the community AND grow, learn, explore and serve.
  • We raised over $100,000 at our Annual Auction!
  • Your helped us reach our $50,000 Dcember Giving Campaign*!

*Matching funds of $50,000 took us to $100,000!

Check out what our kids have been up to in pod-casting! All the money raised this month will go to 21st Century Learning and don’t forget about our 50,000 match. Join the generous donor who put up the matching funds!

You can hear for them for yourself:

Let’s raise $50,000 in the month of December.

You read that right.

The month means a few things around here. Christmas break is right around the corner, a new year soon, a new school trimester.

This year, it also means a whole month of giving.

We’ve decided that because December is all about friends and family, community, gift giving, holidays, and generosity, Mile High Academy will use the whole month to spread a little cheer. It’s also a time for us to raise $50,000 towards 21st Century Learning. Best of all all funds will be matched dollar for dollar.

We’re already off to a great start with $15,000 raised towards this goal and this week for #GivingTuesday, you generously gave $6,037.80. Thank you!

So let’s kick off the month in a big way. Start giving today.

We would like to let you know all the ways that MHA already helps out in the community. The big and small ways our students and teachers reach out and touch lives on a regular basis.

  • Preschool is giving to the community through their Community Helpers program. They have already reached out to Firefighters with appreciation cards and cookies.
  • First and Second Grade has a garden that feeds the homeless by donating produce to those in need.
  • Middle Schoolers are reaching out to empower youth in our community and those at risk to create awareness and help for human trafficking victims.
  • Upper Schoolers are feeding refugees in Iraq with their RICE program. They are collecting and donating all their rice to those who need it most.
  • Upper Schoolers are sewing blankets for children with illnesses that have them in hospital for long periods of time. These blankets are donated to the families through a program that works closely with these children.

For more on any of these programs or to volunteer your time or donate to these causes, please contact us at 303.744.1069 or Donate directly.