Student Testimonial

Have you ever moved schools like I have? I’m going to share my experience of moving to Mile High Academy, a private Christian school that changed my life because of the people I’ve met, the teachers I have, and the upcoming events, all things that put me in a positive attitude each day.

When I found out I was moving to MHA, I was very intimidated that I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, sit next to at lunch, or that I wouldn’t make any new friends. Not even a full week in and I felt comfortable and welcomed by everyone in my class. I’ve made a lot of friends and met people who are hilarious and enjoyable to be around. The students and friends I’ve made are very positive, supportive, kind and respect each other. They aren’t rude and disrespectful, they don’t pick on you, and they don’t try to lower your self-esteem.

Not only the students changed my aspect about school, but the teachers have changed me too. The MHA teachers are very creative about how they teach so that students have fun while learning. The teachers try their best and take their time to help you understand any questions you may have without rushing you. The teachers are always positive, even on their rough days, and always find a way to light up a room.

One thing that excites me about being at MHA are the activities and events planned throughout the year. One such activity is sports. I’m really excited to play competitive volleyball for our school and to try my best to be a great teammate. Another thrilling event I can’t wait for is the eighth-grade class trip that lasts for three days. The last event that excites me is the end-of-year field day.

Overall, switching to a new school is something that has changed my life. I am so grateful I’ve gotten the opportunity go to Mile High Academy.”     ~ 2020/21 8th Grade Student