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Articles from October 6 Newsletter

This last Saturday night was a night to remember at the middle school junk scramble. 7th grade took first place, 8th grade came in second, and 6th grade was third. Shiloh L., 8th-grade class president said, “I had an awesome time getting to work together with my class and also having some friendly and fun competition with other middle schoolers.” She continued on to say that she is looking forward to next year and getting to participate as a high schooler.

By Asher L., Photo supplied by a 7th-grade parent.

Friday is the last day to receive donations for our annual Walk-A-Thon event. With high stakes, Mr. Camacho and Principal Carpenter’s heads are on the line, literally. If we raise enough we get to shave their hair off! We can’t wait to see what each student brought in for their walking efforts. You still have time! Click the link to donate:

By Student Voices

Our Mustangs will be playing the Campion Cougars on Saturday, October 15 at 7 pm. Come watch as volleyball 🏐 and soccer ⚽️ take on Campion Academy. Come cheer on our team!

By Student Voices

Our Mustangs will be playing the Campion Cougars on Saturday, October 15 at 7 pm. Come watch as volleyball 🏐 and soccer ⚽️ take on Campion Academy. Come cheer on our team!

By Student Voices, Stock Photo.

Articles from September 29 Newsletter

This week students are full of spirit—quite literally! Our spirit week is going strong as students dress up for a unique theme every day and try to win a free item from the SA Store. On Movie Monday, students dressed as their favorite movie characters, the winners were Sayle D., Melissa R., and Dylan M. who dressed up as Alvin and the Chipmunks. On Stunt Double Tuesday (twin day), Emalee Z. and Kurt D. won. We’ve had so much fun dressing up this week and we can’t wait for more!

By Addie E.

This last weekend alumni and staff, as well as current students gathered together for a special alumni weekend church service. The high school choir, ensemble, and middle school choir performed for the service. According to Max E. “The choir sounded amazing.” He also mentioned how greatly we have improved but there is still potential to get better. After church haystacks were enjoyed while mingling with friends.

By Asher L.

Articles from September 22 Newsletter

Hi MHA Friends & Family,

Thank you for taking a moment each week to read the Student Voices section of the newsletter. It means a lot to our Journalism students that they have a place to share their talents. As their teacher this year, I am so proud of their enthusiasm for jumping right in and taking on this role.

Let me take a moment to introduce the class to you.

On the included photo, clockwise  from the top left:

  • Lindsay S., Freshman
  • Asher L., Sophomore
  • Eeheon R., Freshman
  • Adelaide E., Sophomore
  • Anel L., Sophomore
  • Natalia V., Junior
  • Chris T., Senior
  • Chrissy S. (not pictured), Junior

If you get a chance, say hi next time you see one of our intrepid reporters.

By Mrs. Agape Hammond, Photo supplied.

Articles from September 15 Newsletter

Last Wednesday a group of 10 high school class officers and SA officers had the chance to attend the Mid-American Union Leadership Conference for an exciting weekend. They participated in an outreach project, as well as took part in learning how to become better leaders.

Our Mile High Academy students won first place in the Leadership Challenge and were all awarded $1,000 scholarships to Union College.

According to Caleb W., the trip was beneficial because “I learned self-reliance”.

Activities like rappelling off a 40-foot building and the Leadership Challenge were just a few of the highlights of the trip.

By Addie E. and Asher L.

Photo from Mile High Academy Facebook page

Articles from September 9 Newsletter


Tuesday evening, the girls’ volleyball team continued their winning streak here at home. Here are some of the highlights straight from the players’ mouths.

Hey, Melissa, what is your favorite part about playing volleyball?

“I love playing with my teammates and uplifting each other, even if we mess up!”

How did you feel about the game today? 

“The game today was a lot of fun! And I loved the positivity. I was so proud of Giselle and Jazel’s serves! I also am proud of myself for the tip, I absolutely loved the cheers!”

What is your favorite part about playing volleyball, Daniela?

“I love that it’s easy to see yourself improving and it doesn’t give you a lot of room to put yourself down about your mistakes, especially with awesome teammates.” 

How did you feel about today’s game?

“I think the game went really well. Meli’s tip and everyone’s serves were awesome. The cheering section was ELITE.”

We had to hear from Giselle and Jazel.

What do you like about volleyball?

Giselle: “My favorite thing about volleyball is the feeling after a good play. Even if I didn’t score the point it’s such a good feeling!”

Jazel: “When we are being loud and having a really hype game with a lot of energy.

What did you like most about today’s game? 

Giselle: “I felt pretty good about today’s game! It’s exciting to see each game and the growth that comes with it. I’m very proud of our team.

Jazel: “What sticks out to me compared to last season is we have a lot more energy when it comes to our cheers and helping one another out, it feels like a real team. It’s going to be a good rest of the season and we’re already starting out strong, and we’re gonna get better.”

By Addie E.

Photos by Addie E.

Articles from September 1 Newsletter


Last Thursday, sixty upper school students stepped off “Ellen,” our newest bus, and began a two-day retreat of fellowship, friendship, and fun. There to greet them, the Student Association (SA) prepared for the ultimate challenge, both literally and metaphorically—SA arrived the night before and had prepared every game and activity for the two-day event. Not only that, they had prepared for a different challenge: introducing MHA’s new spiritual theme, ‘walking free,’ a fitting and inspiring one.

After the students settled into their cabins, everyone gathered in a central main building known as the longhouse. There, the first of the icebreaker games began, with students attempting to get a mattress with someone on it across the room and back. Afterward, the students headed out to a field for numerous other fun games, employing items like hula-hoops, M&M’s, and water balloons. Competitive spirit and camaraderie ruled the day, but finally, dinner time came, and the students returned to the longhouse for much-anticipated food and worship.

During worship, Principal Carpenter spoke about the freedom that comes from sacrifice. After worship, students participated in a massive musical chairs game, which spiraled into chaos. Tensions were high and every person rooted for their classmates, but ultimately, only one won: Austin H., a freshman. After musical chairs, some students made smores while others played volleyball in the rain. Still, others warmed themselves next to the fire, until finally, they turned in for the night.

The next day, after a morning of worship, the upper school separated into their classes to vote on their class officers for the year. These included offices like the president, pastor, and secretary. Once the officers were all elected, they all gathered back at the longhouse to introduce the new officers to everyone. Once they finished announcements and shoutouts, it was time to leave. Though exhausted, the upper school left with good memories and new friends.

– Addie E. and Eeheon R., journalism students

Photo Credit: Kelvin Dela Paz


The Upper School retreat was a blast and was enjoyed by all. Some students really enjoyed the games, while others had fun meeting and getting to know new people We interviewed a few students to get their take on it.

First, we interviewed Asher, a sophomore who said that he really enjoyed the worship. He also really enjoyed the ultimate challenges that we participated in. He added that he would definitely go again.

When Dylan, who is a senior this year, was asked what he thought of the retreat, he responded, “I really love it, everyone has a good attitude and hasn’t gotten kicked” he also said that his favorite part of the retreat was being able to get closer to his peers. He would love to go again if given the chance.

By Lindsay S. and Chris T., journalism students

Photo Credit: Kelvin Dela Paz


If the loss of focus has caused a struggle to keep up, here are a few ways you can help yourself be more productive.

The first thing you can do is nourish your body in order to focus. Try drinking lots of water and eating a proper meal. This allows your brain to have what it needs to achieve its task.

In addition, remove technological distractions. If we eliminate that, then we can allow ourselves to focus on the task at hand instead of our phones or computers.

Lastly, a lot of people struggle with productivity because they don’t see a benefit. If we create small rewards for finishing an assignment, we will find that motivation is easily achieved.

For more tips and tricks, you can visit,

– By Chrissy S., journalism student; Photo: Stock Photo

Articles from August 25 Newsletter

The school year has just begun. New faces can be seen all over the Mile High Academy campus. The Journalism class took some time to interview a few freshmen about their high school experience so far.

Brendan H. said that he is excited to use the piano again in music class after leaving it for several years. He also expressed his anticipation for the music trip planned later in the school year.

Grace G. and Joey P. spoke about Mr. Tull and his biology class, saying that they liked the calmness and free atmosphere, as well as his character.

All three of them agreed that high school has been easier than expected but recognized that things will get harder going forward.

By Eeheon R., journalism student

Photo By Chris T.

We’re anticipating a great season for volleyball this year, and so are our athletes! As Emalee Z. told me, “I’m a freshman so this will be my first high school game and I’m so excited!”

Emalee has been playing since fourth grade, ever since her dad started teaching her.

“My dad was a professional volleyball player in Indonesia, and he’s always wanted us to have fun with it,” says Emalee.

Though she isn’t a starting player this year, she can’t wait to cheer on her teammates and grow her skill set. We hope that you’ll be there to cheer us on too!

By Adelaide E., contributor and US volleyball player, Stock photo