Teachers Continue to Learn in Summer

Mile High Academy teachers spend the school year teaching our students in a Christ-centered learning environment. 

So, come summer it’s only to be expected that they take a little time off to refresh for the new year.

As Mr. Brian Howard put it, “Making my students a priority means I need to go out into nature and take on some adventures to really come back refreshed.”

That may be Mr. Howard’s way of getting back into the school spirit, but we’ve noticed that each of our teachers has a different way of making sure they are ready when school starts back up in the Fall.

New middle school teacher, Mr. Christopher Morris, has been packing and moving to town, along with visiting the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia for some learning and inspiration. Mrs. Taryn Clark, 5th grade teacher, and Mrs. Jessica Gleason, 2nd grade teacher, spent time with their families but made sure to get some training sessions in with mindSpark Learning ®.

Then, we had Ms. Esther Aviles, music and spanish teacher, who went on a mission trip to Dangriga, Belize to teach music to 60 kids in that community. She explained excitedly, “They had never sung in a choir or had any formal music training, so it was fun watching their reactions as they tried to mimic my vocal warm-up exercises.”  

Every one of our teachers has a story to tell about how they shared of themselves or learned in the summer. 

One thing is for sure, we’re ready to see our teachers again!

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