The Week – 01.22.16

Another busy week at Mile High Academy. This is where we give you the rundown of what’s been happening.

It was a shorter week, with Monday off, but no less busy for having one less day.

On Tuesday Kindergarten and 4th grade partnered for Science. You can read about it here.

Second grade has been busy learning all about space. See pictures of their latest project in our Photo Gallery.

Preschool story time this week was hosted by Mrs. Christina Hernandez, MS/US Spanish teacher. Our preschoolers and guests learned to count in Spanish through song and instrument playing. What a fun way to learn.

Middle School learned about the body’s reaction to sedentary activity followed by exercise. Students jumped, ran in place and generally moved busily around the classroom to get their heart rates up. Learning can truly be a moving experience.IMG_0454

Mr. Palmer, MS Bible Teacher, had his students running the halls for a different reason. The Bible class was sent on a scavenger hunt with the prize being no homework that night. That’s definitely incentive to win. Loud footsteps were heard down the halls as each student worked to finish first.IMG_0485

Mrs. Eno, US English, has a new class this term, Career Success. Students learn real world skills they can apply in college and future careers. You can read the whole story here.

Today was another LS Spirit Day with students wearing crazy hair and mismatched clothes. What a fun way to end the week. Find pictures of all our Spirit Days in our Photo Gallery.

We have such creative and inspiring teachers at Mile High Academy. Check back often to see what’s new and exciting on our campus.

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