What our teachers have to say!

With just one week from the first day of school, we thought it was pretty important that we talk a little with our teachers about what they think is most important about teaching your children.  These are just some of their thoughts on the subject:

We as teachers are facilitators and coaches.  We seek out curriculum that is very student-centered and allows for students to discover information on their own. – Mr. Russell Palmer, Middle School Teacher

The relationship between teacher and parent is so important.  In my mind, I don’t believe there should be a separation. Teachers and parents work as one.  It is a relationship that does everything in its power to help the learning experience. Teachers are shaping character, loving each child exactly where they are, and encouraging exploration.  Parents do the same. When working together they are stronger.  – Kate Kamarad, Kindergarten Teacher

Creativity and curiosity are so important to learning.  Some of the ways we embrace curiosity is by encouraging students to participate in elective classes, get hands-on experience in our Real World Learning classes, and provide students with an opportunity to use the STEM tools on campus such as our 3D printers. – Kyle Berg, Humanities

We try our best to engage all students interests and challenge them to think, rather than just memorize or report. – Brian Howard, Upper School Maths

Mastering a subject is fine, but when a student masters the concepts and applications, and the critical-thinking involved in real world problem-solving, that’s when we know true mastery has been achieved. – Jerson Malaguit, Middle School Vice Principal

We think we have the best teachers here at Mile High Academy.  They know the value of getting students to not only learn the necessary material for their future goals but more than that, learning how to ask the questions, search for the answers, and think beyond the books in front of them.  That’s what makes our teachers great.

Get to know one of our teachers today!


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