You may have noticed some changes recently. We’re working to improve your MHA experience. This is just another way we keep moving forward.


  • Our Cup No Longer Runneth Over!

    We have had such a banner year, we want to thank all of you for making this an exciting time of growth.  That being said, we do have to let everyone know that financial aid is now closed for Pre K – 8.  We still want to hear from you, call us at 303-744-1069 or […]

  • Numbers Are Up!

    The numbers are in. You’ve helped us enroll 180 students so far this year. That’s a jump of almost 20% from last year. That means you’ve trusted us not only with your children but with the growth and future of our school. Keep thinking BIG and send your kids to Mile High Academy for a […]

  • Milestone ACT Scores at Mile High!

    Your students are achieving here at Mile High Academy and they have the test scores to prove it. The ACT composite score this year is an astounding 24.2. We are so proud of your children and their hard work.

  • Transportation Options

    If you are interested in the new shuttle program please see the following documents for more information: MHA BUS RIDE Information Flyer Q&A for Transportation  


Agape Hammond and Family

Agape Hammond-Jaklich recently joined the Mile High Academy team as Director of Marketing. We’ve already seen such growth and possibility in the last few years here at MHA we are excited to see Agape working with us to reach even grander goals without losing sight of our core mission and values. We asked her to answer a couple questions just to find out her own thoughts on where she sees MHA going and why she is here.

What are your main responsibilities at Mile High Adventist Academy?

“I see myself as the person who works behind the scenes to make sure everything looks good out front.  That can mean anything from technology to just making sure we are all wearing our friendly faces every day.”

What have been your experiences in Adventist Christian education?

“My father was the first in our family to find Adventist education.  When it came time for me to go to school my parents found the local Adventist elementary and enrolled me.  I followed that through to college, graduating from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA.  It is a legacy that can be passed on to my children.”

Why do you think an Adventist Christian education is important for families to consider?

“I believe the importance is in meeting all the needs of the individual.  Here at MHA you will get the excellent Academics, the impressive Extra Curricular Activities and the touching Community feel that is important in a good school.  However, you will also get Christ every day.  In the way you are treated, in the teaching, in the worships, your needs are met on all counts.”

What are your personal goals for Mile High Academy?

“I would love for everyone out there to experience everything that is happening in here.  That would eliminate all doubt in people’s minds that this is the place to send your children, this is the place where new things are happening, where Academics and Values meet to form a whole learning culture.  I want people to believe in the power of Adventist Christian education to change our neighborhoods, our communities, our world.”